In his long article about rising crime, Dr. Ochie did not present any new idea. The real reason for the rise in crime is lack of moral values. The church leaders have failed in instilling moral values in the community they serve. To cover up their failure, they get into politics for personal enrichment under the guise of serving society.

It doesn’t seem fair that the New Orleans Saints have four good quarterbacks and the Falcons have none. In today’s NFL, the quarterback has to be able to scramble, or at least pretend that they can. Everyone knows that Ryan is scared to run and would rather fall down than get hit. Hopefully drafting a quality quarterback is in the Falcons’ future plans.

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Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham once referred to his friend and Cream drummer as “The astonishing Ginger Baker.” Imagine that, the best calling the best the best.

The steel mills, the cotton mills, the auto factories, the coal mines ... yeah, owned by rich white men. But millions were waiting in line to get those jobs because they were hungry, wanted to better themselves. Where would most of us be without rich white men, many self-made. Seems in any society in the world the smartest people end up with the most money.

Sunday’s editorial page was a great read. Fletcher, Will and Gordon. That’s a Triple Threat.

Let’s be real sure about the marathon and coronavirus this year. If there is even a slight chance that it could spread, go virtual. That’s a big risk.

I want to be fair. I have listened carefully to Loeffler and Perdue ads. I have not heard a single word on what either wants to accomplish; only determined, at all costs, to vilify their opponents. How sad. Georgia deserves better.

Rhetorical rehash; got it. The efficacy of armchair academia’s rehash that society is the root and cause of crime? Zero at best. One might conclude if God had put a basketball court on Calvary and gave away beach houses, none of this would be a problem. Seeds of bitterness, hate and blame sown for a generation in soil of true loathsome disparities reaps a bitter harvest.

We know Kemp dropped the ball on the pandemic so far, please say an extra prayer he does not mess up the distribution of the vaccine. People’s lives depend on it.

Mainstream news media: Your hatred for Trump has caused us to elect a weak, mentally declining president and VP chosen strictly because of gender and race. Did Trump ever do anything right?

Mr. Fletcher, in reference to your Sunday editorial: We live in a 55-and-over apartment complex. We have people come through our complex trying to sell boxes of food they received at a food bank. Five dollars for a box of canned goods and 10 for a box of meat.

Why does Albany State have 15 mph speed limits, while Dougherty schools from K-12 have 25 mph speed limits? The higher the education level, the lower the speed limit?

Professor Ochie wrote an interesting assessment of the crime situation in Albany. However, the last two paragraphs simply restated the need for action without a single concrete first step. I agree. Oops! I just did the same thing.

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