I want to commend the new garbage service in northwest Albany. Except for a couple of hiccups in the beginning, both the curbside pickup and debris pickup have been great.

Carlton, after reading your article about how many times you ran out of gas, that explains a lot. I learned after one time, and I spent my teen years selling tomatoes on the side of the road, working in a cotton mill, and doing anything the city rec department would pay me for so I probably had less than you. Maybe your “whiteboy Afro” treatments fried your brain.

President Trump is a pathetic liar with no morals, and voters need to realize this. He declares the pandemic over, but the U.S. is averaging more than 70,000 new cases every single day. It’s not over, it’s exploding, and Trump has failed to contain it. He failed in the biggest test of his so-called presidential leadership. He’s a failure, but he thinks if he says something, even when it’s obviously a lie, that it will magically become true.

If you can’t wait in line to vote, then just stay at home.

Thought about voting for Joyce Barlow until I saw Biden endorsed her. No way, Jose.

Trump’s tariffs on soybeans hurt the farmers so bad that they were almost put out of business. Trump bailed them out with welfare. Why do farmers still support him?

Biden blames Trump for failure in leadership in controlling the virus. Since European countries are experiencing massive COVID spikes, their leaders also have failed in their leadership. Biden says he would control it form the first day in office. Does Biden know a magic trick that no world leader knows?

It’s funny how Demetrius Young things he’s having any kind of impact. Delusional ... like your mother.

If you respond to That Masked Man and or Yours Truly then you are just feeding their ego.

The plethora of evidence of Biden family “suspected” corrupt business dealings is overwhelming yet virtually ignored by the media. Tony Bobulinski’s revelations as a business insider with the Bidens are very telling on what has transpired for years unchecked.

Economic genius squawker, the national debt rises every second of the day from decisions and commitments long since in place. Not Trump debt. Lindsey Graham and other GOP members are absolutely not going to cut social security and Medicare as you falsely stated. And lastly, corporations and “rich people” do not benefit at all from the reckless wasteful spending Democrats have perfected the last 30 years.

I don’t know what it’s like to grow up black, but I do know what it’s like to grow up poor, hungry, afraid, abused and never valued. No human being should have to grow up like this ever or for any reason, especially the color of their skin.

Hey YT. Try to Google Dien Bien Phu, (1946-1954). Signed RVN vet.

YT and TMM are proof positive that you cannot repair ignorance. I find it hard to believe that YT served in the Marines. Bet he never rose above the rank of PFC. He and the Masked Man know more about the president than his family. Strange. Ignorance abounds in Albany, guess that is the reason some people call it Agony.

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