Albany needs Hank Voight pronto. These armed robberies are making Albany become the new Chicago.

What’s wrong, Fletcher, with wanting to go back to a time when people were decent and you could walk the streets without worrying about being shot or robbed?

See a politician taking a couple of hits at Warbington trying to stave off competition. Keep it up, Chad, the status quo bit dog is howling at the moon.

I am not sure why those that want to preserve the status of HBCUs want to eliminate the history that preceded it. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who happens to be black, thinks all monuments and statues should remain up and in place so we do not forget our past.

Way to go, Remington Smith. Your medal-winning performance is quite an accomplishment.

Sadly, Carlton, one of your final paragraphs rang all too true for Albany: There are no assurances that the Albany 10 years from now won’t be the same Albany that has struggled through poverty and racial antipathy for the past five decades or so. You seem to see things differently, but I see little to no change in the current leadership in this community.

The call by Hollywood liberal elites to refrain from sex as a protest of the Georgia Heartbeat Bill is by far and away the highest stroke of genius the liberals have ever dreamed up. I can’t wait for the next generation after the liberals have died out with no children.

No wonder our young people are coming out of school and cannot read or write. TV’s “Jeopardy’s” teachers’ tournaments show the truth. Yesterday, three teachers could not pick out an adverb or a conjunction in two different sentences. Before the show, the host made a statement about last week’s contestants saying sometimes the categories just do not fit with some contestants. These teachers have been horrible.

It’s good to see a Warbington — Emma — making some positive news in Albany. Way to go, young lady. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

SPLOST dollars were approved for project costs, not hiring consultants to tell our city and county commissioners what to do. They should be smart enough to know what to do. Perhaps we elected the wrong people. The same waste is happening at the state and federal levels. Shameful.

Joe Biden doesn’t want tariffs on Chinese goods because he has a special relationship with the Chinese.

Why didn’t the city of Albany help pay for the renovations to the downtown Government Center? Last I saw, both the city and county use that building.

At least you had the good sense to note that there are two good ole boy networks in Albany, not the one that everyone seems to want to blame for all the city’s problems. Having “leaders” like Arthur Williams, Henry Mathis, David Williams and people like that set the city back by decades.

If all of these developments come through, and the city doesn’t end up losing a lot of taxpayer money in the process, the face of downtown Albany should change dramatically in the next few years. I hope Ms. Subadan’s plan to clean up the city works better than KADB and the mayor’s program, which have had no impact.

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