I’m an older white woman, and Kaepernick is not responsible for the unrest. George Zimmerman and the justice system are responsible. He was the first person to murder a young unarmed black man openly and publicly and to get by with it. Although we know that was not the first unjustified murder of an unarmed black man.

So, will Jon Ossoff combat the corruption in Congress or just go ahead and join them?

Thank you, Mr. Fletcher, for your recent editorial about the overwhelming presence of guns and gun violence in our community. But in reality, the omnipresence of guns is no longer a problem. Problems have solutions. This insanity no longer has a viable solution.

Delusional Trump vs Nobel Obama. I’ve never seen a man work so hard to make himself believe he could be as great as another man.

I do love the long stories by Burnette and Porter.

I am so tired of these pseudo-intellectuals who claim President Trump is a liar, but offer no proof, seemingly basing their accusations on the so-called COVID-19 denials. I am tired of YT and That Masked Man. To think that I pay over $300 per year to read such drivel drives me to just a shade on the irate side, especially when I think of the lies of our former president, such as you can keep your doctor.

I’ve got a buddy who claims he is up to mowing his grass six times a week. If you and the wife are both retired and quarantining during this pandemic, you will understand why.

The West Coast needs to learn about prescribed burning and cutting and plowing to help control these fires.

Marc Thiessen is one sick loyal cult follower to his leader Trump. Now he wants to absolve his leader of his lying by blaming Dr. Fauci. Trump is the leader (of some), not Dr. Fauci. Trump knew in January and February the virus was very dangerous and has admitted he knew. Now you need to accept that fact and stop blaming others.

Wow, Carlton, you called that one. We haven’t heard a word from our elected leaders about the gun violence in the city — except from Jon Howard — and as soon as one of the County Commission chairman’s friends experiences what the south and east side experience on an almost daily basis, now he wants something done about it.

LeBron James is crying about how life has been unfair to him, this from someone living in a multimillion-dollar home in Bel-Air with butlers, gardeners, chefs and chauffeurs working for him. I wish life was that unfair to me.

United Arab Emirate and Bahrain have decided to normalize relationship with Israel. It is a great accomplishment of the Trump administration. Hopefully, other Arab nations will follow. Israeli and the Palestinian leaders should resume negotiations for a two-state solution. Peace is possible if the leaders are willing to take bold steps.

Front page, street violence with gun lust editorial. Accept point, but confused. Guns are not the root cause of 14 dead and unsafe streets. Drive-by, burning, looting, beatings, destroying, Portland, Wisconsin, Albany, etc. Oh, there is outcry but no one likes the answers. So when storms come, the wise carry umbrellas.

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