Just got home from a trip around the USA. East to west and back again. Beautiful country out there. Saw “Help Wanted” signs everywhere. If you aren’t working, you aren’t trying.

Fletcher, you can’t blame the conservatives — in Georgia and Washington — for doing everything they can to change the outcome of the election. They knew Biden would be an ineffective president, and they had to try anything they could to keep this from happening. Too bad it didn’t work, but I don’t blame them for trying.

I am embarrassed for the Albany street department who did the wrong search on the street issue. An explanation should have been required by the commissioners.

I also enjoyed attending the ASU homecoming parade. I’m a grown, African American woman, and I found the way little girls “danced” was raunchy. Squatting with their legs wide open and hunching, shaking their butts or touching their bodies is not cute. I understand the judges get a different presentation.

Why no excitement about the coming municipal election?

Trump’s fake Christians worship a pathological liar, They have no credibility with anything they say or do.

Did Republicans stand for law and order when Trump incited his horde to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6th? Capitol police were beaten and a few killed while protecting their sorry behinds. And members of the GOP are still trying to deny what actually happened. Tell the truth, and expose Satan’s lies.

I’m not a pastor, and I don’t play one in the Squawkbox. Are the Harlem restoration/Transportation Center Ward III initiatives only or the entire Albany City Commission’s? Will the new center replace the one that was torn down? A map of Albany showing what area each ward covers and its commissioner would be helpful.

How can a non-Trump governor call for action against immigration when hard-working Georgia farmers need an immigrant work force?

You nailed it, Carlton, but do you really think any of these people who have — as you said — MAGA blinders on are going to believe the truth, even when it is so obviously presented to them? They are all in on this evil loser, and they are too pig-headed to change their minds.

This is the fourth time this year that the USPS has failed to run the mail through our neighborhood off Old Dawson Road. Some of my neighbors still haven’t received their WG&L bills, which they are eager to pay. It’s like we have the Italian post office, except that mail isn’t dumped into the river, it’s just not delivered.

Gasoline prices are up over a dollar a gallon since Biden came into office, but he has no plan to provide relief for Americans other than beg OPEC and Russia to pump more oil and raise taxes even more.

Let me see if I got this right: The Republicans are the ones that support the police? Like when the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol killing an officer and wounding 140 others? Or is it more like when police personnel on their own video feed are shown choking, kicking, punching and shooting unarmed citizens? Tell it to someone else. You support nothing; you stand for nothing.

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