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Farmers need financial relief. Hurricane Michael created much damage followed by a slow-to-act Congress. Wouldn’t it be great if some of our southwest Georgia successful country artists would have a fundraiser for farmers?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany has turned into nothing but a money-making venture for one person, and it’s the person who is in charge. He needs to be investigated.

To the Fake Christian Squawker: I’ve been sitting back reading your so-called messages in the Squawkbox. I know who you are, and you have no credibility at all, especially with the junk you are spewing. And by the way, you have bad breath.

While Congress is bickering among themselves over meaningless, partisan issues, our farmers, who lost almost everything to Hurricane Michael, are barely surviving. We need new leadership in Washington and Atlanta.

They say all men are created equal, which may be true. But it is the time from your childhood to when you’re an adult that separates one from the other. Do you work for a living or live a life of crime? That’s what separates everybody.

Albany and southwest Georgia are lucky to have Aspire and all its programs located here. They really serve the people of this region.

Pastor has mildewed. Church really needs a new pastor.

I don’t know how the people in all these small, forward-thinking communities around here have been able to stand all that “noise” from the solar arrays that are generating power and tax money.

Channel 6 WSWG gets my family’s vote as the most consistent off-the-air station in Georgia.

Funny how all you religious folks find Bible verses to support your idol in the White House, but you seem to ignore the verses that talk about all the evil things he’s done. I think they call that hypocrisy.

We taxpayers keep sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. It would certainly be worth it, but they keep coming back.

There sure are a lot of business announcements going on around the state, but none of them in south Georgia. Are we limited to one new business a decade?

So much fighting among the Democrats. Just proves what a dysfunctional party they are.

If you Trump worshipers want to talk about the improved economy, fine. But please quit trying to sell this piece of human garbage as anything but the vile person he is. No person has ever disgraced the office he holds to a greater extent, not even Nixon.

The Democratic candidates are trying to further divide this country with their lies and hate-filled speeches.

Hey, Democrats, it’s the economy, stupid! Trump will be reelected in a landslide, and all of you can sit around and whine for the next four — or more! — years. Trump forever!

A priority mail package mailed from Albany was received in Nashville, Tennessee, 11 days later. It did not leave Tallahassee until the eighth day of its journey. I am aware there are problems with our postal department, but I didn’t know the situation is this pathetic.

If all that “fake climate change” keeps somehow sending hurricane after hurricane and flood after flood, we’re going to run out of recovery money.

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