Lee County courthouse has no access for handicapped folks to get to second floor. Some people have to wait downstairs. Where is the elevator?

When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed. — Ayn Rand

I think there should be a mandatory buy-back program for toilet paper. There’s too much toilet paper in the hands of too many people.

Beware of fake letters from the IRS asking you to send your tax info to a certain address or offering you credit on your tax bill.

Carlton, I agree with you wholeheartedly about those that receive freebies when they know they do not deserve them. Some people have no thought or consideration for those who are really in need. Just wanted to let you know there is one who thinks you hit the nail right on the head. My granddaughter just had a baby; guess how she got a car seat. One thing for sure, it was not free. Thanks for the article.

Thankfully, there is no Southern, nor like-minded, collective who share such an extremely bigoted outlook. An estimated 750,000 soldiers died in this country’s civil war, often in excruciating distress, suffering, and pain ... and doing so without such a list of grievances, or excuses, as justification for their actions.

The only way Joe Incoherent Biden will unite the nation is under an iron fist. Which is exactly what his intentions are.

Everybody needs to know that Warnock is lying about Loeffler’s pharmaceutical stock dealings. This accusation was investigated and cleared for her and several other senators including Democrat Diane Feinstein. It’s just a lie. Don’t vote for a liar.

All Georgia did was recount invalid votes and stamp them valid. Geoff Duncan is a pathetic Rino.

So the squawker really said in defense of Perdue’s and Loeffler’s insider trading after their private meeting on COVID while telling constituents all was fine, “A person selling stocks to prevent losing on their investment is a smart business move.” Give me a break.

That place that feeds the needy and the greedy, Fletcher, is putting food in the mouths of a lot more of the latter. Thanks for your column.

My advice for people is to save your money and don’t spend it foolishly. With Biden as president, with their raising taxes and at some point rising gas prices, you are going to need every penny you have.

Mr. Warnock is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He, like all Democrats, have that fatal flaw. What is that? Well, here is a hint: It’s now known as “Reproductive Justice.” I highly encourage people who voted Democrat the first time to get it right this time. Don’t be complicit in that sin. BTW, YT, thanks for taking the bait. Signed, Traditional Catholic.

I believe the main purpose of wearing a mask is to help prevent or at least slow down the spread of COVID-19. While it isn’t 100% in protecting you from contracting the virus, it’s better than no protection. So wear a mask to protect others just in case you have the virus. You may have it and not know it. Wear a mask and help cut down on the spread of this deadly disease.

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Bounty paper towels

You can buy them at Publix for $6.99 a two pack,but none to be found at Sams?

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