The truth has come out. The Masked Man admits he is a drunk. Now we know that his squawks are the result of excess consumption of alcohol.

River Pointe Plantation Subdivision needs Xstream Mediacom Internet Service installed for the newest section closest to Philema Road for faster internet speed. Please update this subdivision.

It seems to me that The Herald should maybe fact-check posts about COVID. There is absolutely no data that indicates more people die from the side effects of the vaccine than from the virus. Publishing a post like that only contributes to people not responding to the need to be vaccinated due to misinformation being spread through the media.

Trump-Pence grade for entire four years in office: F++++

Crazy commissioners, excessive blighted property, gangs, drug dealers and across-the-board management ineptitude. Face it, Albany cannot compete with Thomasville, Valdosta or Americus for jobs, good schools, quality of life or taxes. A harsh reality.

It’s very uninformed when white people claim to know what black people are taught from birth or at any other time. News flash: Since Trump is the head of the GOP, if you vote Republican, love him or not, you are voting for Trump. Instead of making ridiculous generalizations about any race of people, try honest dialogue.

Regarding fast food lines, I order before I go and they bring it out to me. No line for me.

If the U.S. women’s Olympic soccer team spent more time focusing on soccer instead of hating America, perhaps they would not have lost 3-0 in their opening game.

James King, where do you get this stuff, Breitbart? I thought you had crawled back under your rock.

Has anyone else noticed that Albany always has the highest temperature in SW Georgia during WALB weather reports? Do they know the temperature should be recorded in the shade?

I got all the justification that was needed this week when I saw that 97% of all new cases of the COVID-19 variant were people who were not vaccinated. What more proof do you need?

I see where Ms. Sherrod is getting more taxpayer money.

In line with the Wednesday editorial: Blacks in Valdosta want to rename Forrest Street. City officials have shown city records that a business owner had his store on this street around the turn of the century and the street was named for that Mr. Forrest, not the Confederate General. Does not matter; they still want to change the name.

I loved the story about Kris Morrill’s dog-training business. The pictures also were excellent. I’d like to read more stories like this.

Critical Race Theory was created by racists to justify changing history and tearing down more statutes.

Many people on Facebook are more likely to post concerns about someone with an EBT card who probably has a low-wage job with few if any benefits occasionally buying a steak, than about billionaires who don’t pay taxes. That, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with America. That Masked Man

I watch very little news anymore. Stopped worrying about Syria, Putin, shortage of doctors, nurses, global warming. Feel happier. Add Congress to the list.

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