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Thank you, Albany Herald, for properly recognizing the 25th anniversary of the Great Flood. The pictures and stories brought all those memories — the good and the bad — back clearly.

Squawker: The public is not interested in your incorrect information and jealous concerns regarding Lea Henry. She has never been the athletic director at ASU, however we in Albany are so fortunate to have her as our Dougherty County athletic director. She and her husband provide the Lea Henry Basketball Camp on the Deerfield Windsor Campus in the very gymnasium named after her father, W.T. Henry. May I suggest you direct your anger, jealousy, and misguided information regarding Lea Henry into something a little more constructive.

As the money goes, so will the Nation — into the tank. Like the “roaring ’20s” before the ‘29 crash, we are in the “roaring 20-teens” now. Enjoy the ride. It will be short.

I am betting Kaepernick did not know who Betsy Ross was until someone told him he should be offended by that flag. I flew a Confederate flag over our rear camp in Vietnam for 13 months and never was a word said about it. But some years later the whites on the left began to tell blacks that they should be offended by the flag, and the anger and resentment started.

If you are going to walk your dog at the walking trail around the Veranda, please pick up your dog’s poop from the walking path and don’t leave it in the middle of the path. Would be appreciated.

Welfare has created too many well-paid government jobs for the holders of these jobs to ever work to make it go away.

If it wasn’t for guns, we Americans would still be British.

On July 4, 1776, the original 13 American colonies declared independence from Great Britain and the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, declaring governments are instituted to secure the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Why do people call Independence Day the 4th of July? We don’t call Christmas the 25th of December.

Georgia plans to expand Medicaid. We can take only half the federal funding available, by only accepting help for those under the poverty level. Or we can accept the full amount that we qualify for, and that we’re paying for other states to provide. We can get $9, or just $4.50. This is to keep our hospitals open. (If this was highway funding, would we only take one lane?) Expand Medicaid!

The incredible stupidity, or ignorance, of President Trump never ends. On the 4th of July he talked about Revolutionary soldiers taking over airports. No wonder North Korea’s Kim has made a fool of Trump; Trump’s ignorance is breathtaking and dictators are laughing their heads off. It will be good to have grownups in the White House again.

Gee, Carlton, I never realized you were a jealous person. Also sorry you’ve never succeeded at anything. Really, do people even think before they speak?

The boycott of Nike products will continue.

I’ve had to pay thousands per month for medical insurance and still wound up owing thousands in medical bills. And you want to give it to illegals?

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