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Why is Chad Warbington, running around town looking at parks and having tours when we are sheltered-in-place. Really? That park is not even in your ward. If people follow your example, we won’t have anyone to play at our parks. Stay home and help not spread the virus.

My dad drove us past the beginnings of the mess at Westover and Gilionville Road on Dec. 27 after we had delivered dry food bags and money to the Humane Society. There were four guys working and eight to 10 “supervising.” Just a normal Albany Public Works job site: Dig a hole and pour taxpayer dollars into it every morning with an “on-the-clock audience.”

Where are the city commissioners in the areas where their constituents believe that they are immune to the coronavirus because of their race? Where are Jesse Jackson, Sanford Bishop and John White when they need to be telling their followers that this virus does not see color?

If people had faith in God and in their church body, we wouldn’t have to worry about the gatherings you so brazenly condemn. We are doing God’s work, and we have faith that we will not be impacted by the virus. If we are, it is God’s will.

Please stop buying products marked “Made in China.” Read the labels and see where items are made. This will help bring jobs back to America and it will help our economy instead of the communist economy of China.

Based on Georgia Public Health numbers Tuesday and using 2020 census data, Dougherty County has the highest coronavirus infection rate per 1000 citizens in the state at 1.11. No. 2 county is Bartow at 0.71 infections/1000. Is Dougherty’s problem ignorance or arrogance regarding self-isolation?

Let them truckers roll, 10-4. Thank you truckers; we appreciate you.

Of course President Trump is becoming impatient with social distancing. It’s hurting the economy, and a strong economy is the deciding factor in a successful bid for re-election. Easing social-distancing measures will risk accelerating the spread of the disease and subsequently more lives will be lost, but he has placed his priorities. Perhaps he should heed Henny Penny and be advised “the sky is a-falling.”

Amen, Mr. Fletcher. I’ve heard of preachers who said if they don’t call the congregation together, they can’t pass the plate and ask for money.

It would be helpful if we were told the ages of the people dying from COVID-19 in Dougherty County, and if they are all related to the funerals from the first cases. I assume we’re not being given this info because it could give people a false sense of security.

How about the paper post a list of all the Representatives and Senators that added pork to the coronavirus relief bill. Then we can all remember at election time and contribute to whomever is running against them, whether they are from our state or not.

The people that are confirmed with coronavirus being in public places makes you wonder what instructions they were given when they were confirmed. Are there instructions at a remedial level to insure all people can understand? Are they given helplines to call for food and grocery delivery?

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