Some days, like Friday, The Albany Herald is filled with local news stories that are informative and entertaining. I realize it's tough to do that every day, but I just wanted to say on days like this, I'm glad we have a local newspaper that reports local news.

How is it that the local media always have mugshots of the people that are wanted for crimes? Maybe if the prosecutors and judges would do their jobs and keep these thugs in jail, they wouldn't be wanted for more crimes. It's time to make these prisoners work again. The taxpayers should get something out of them. Jail should not be a free ride. Maybe it would discourage them from committing crimes.

Adam and Eve were the first not to read the Apple terms and conditions.

How many Trump advisers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Nobody knows, they're never around long enough to find out.

Trump has a big bad ego that will stop him from being elected because he is Satan's gift of immoral destruction.

You can’t watch the local news at the peacock station without getting some lying news. I say its lying news, not fake news. The answer is to watch the local weather and watch the news on Fox.

Quote from Queen Elizabeth: When did Jed Clampett and his clan move from Beverly Hills to the White House?

Sarah Sanders stayed longer than I thought she would, but I don't blame her after having to deal with those hateful nasty liberal reporters every day.

I listened to the young man, James Pratt, speak at the City Commission meeting this week, and he is a very articulate gentleman who seems to care about the community. We need more leaders like him in our community.

Mr. Steiner, I'd like to welcome you to Albany. You've already had an impact, and I understand you are at least considering doing away with some of the antiquated ideas that considered anyone who wasn't a complete supporter an enemy. I wish you success with your efforts.

Trump knew Mexico was not going to pay for a wall. So, it was one of his many lies he knew and repeated often.

Sound logic, squawker. Since Trump really knew the Mexicans weren't going to pay for the wall and he was just saying that they would for political reasons, that means it's not a lie!? No wonder this man thinks he can do anything and get away with it. He's got people like you covering for him.

This war on drugs we've been in for decades is an utter failure. Legalize pot, tax it and set up recovery centers to help addicts.

Wanted: Staffers, cabinet members, policymakers. Must be willing to lie with a straight face and take the blame if boss does anything wrong or illegal. Complete loyalty a must.

You people should stop saying mean things about our president. Even if he forgets a few things that he said every now and then and he does things that Democrats say are against the law, he's still a fine Christian man who has given us a tax break.

It's time for Winfred Dukes to get a step ladder so he can see what's going on. Obviously, his vision is blocked.

All those Democratic presidential candidates just wish they had an ounce of the courage that President Trump does. He will mop the floor with any and all of them in the election.

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