Hate to tell you, “Professor Pratt,” but you ain’t no expert on white people. If you think we’re afraid of half-pint men like you just because of their skin color, you’re sadly mistaken ... oh, and you’re a racist.

Hey, Lee County officials, how’s that hospital coming along over there? You fought so hard to make sure you “beat” Phoebe, but you kind of forgot to take care of your own business.

Y’all people worried about us people in District 2 not voting in the School Board election need to worry about your own business. We take care of ours.

Finally, a true American leader representing the U.S. at the G-7. American Leadership is back. America is always first.

John Wheaton is so arrogant; he thinks he is above everything and everyone in the county. If he doesn’t do what he’s got to do to save the county from a lawsuit — resign from office — we need to start a recall petition immediately.

There will be far less (if any) business damage and other damage, plus a lot less people getting hurt or arrested, if there were no protesters. I think they should pass a law that protesting is illegal; violators to be dealt with accordingly.

I’m not being ironic or trying to be overly dramatic, but I’m concerned that this country is heading toward some serious changes. I’m afraid that America as we’ve known it is no more. I just pray some of the changes will be for the better.

This administration’s current border policy (or lack of) is assisting cartels in transporting drugs into our country.

The Federal Reserve is printing trillions of dollars to fund Biden’s exorbitant spending. Economics 101: The result of too much money chasing too few goods is inflation. Our president must have missed this course.

Trump’s pick to be the next Georgia Senator is Herschel Walker. But Herschel does not live in Georgia. Uh-oh.

Mara Gay on MSNBC says the sight of the American flag on the back of pickup trucks was disturbing. I assume she would have felt more relaxed and at home if they were the Russian flag or the China flag mounted to the trucks.

To those bulletproof SMRs that think they don’t have to get vaccinated: When you get infected this summer, remember, I told you so.

From the Old Southern Philosopher: Just because they are wagging their tail doesn’t mean rattlesnakes are friendly and want to be petted.

I agree wholeheartedly with Carlton Fletcher’s Wednesday column. The people working at local businesses — especially the young people — have no idea what customer service even means. Business owners would do well to take action; I for one have stopped doing business at places where I get lousy customer service.

With felons having access to automatic weapons, I would not want to be a policeman nowadays. Better to send in the social workers.

Walmart will deliver orders of $25 or more for free ... and they ship it by Fed-Ex and have four or five different people deliver small orders. I guess they know what they’re doing, but it makes no sense at all to me.

I could afford to go into space, too, if I didn’t pay taxes. That Masked Man

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Hey, Carlton, this one's for you, from one music listener to another. More than half a century ago, on a dark rainy summers night, a woman on a stage stood alone, a single dim spotlight barely illuminated her. She could not see the more than 500,000 people out in front of her, a lot of whom were probably asleep in the mud. In a most beautiful voice she sang the opening lyrics to this song. "I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, alive as you and I. But 'Joe I said, you're ten years dead ',said Joe, 'I didn't die ',said Joe, 'I did not die '.In that exact moment in time, the Human voice, truly nature's most musical presentation,achieved perfection. Any female who ever wanted to be a singer, after listening to Joan Baez sing the Balled of Joe Hill, would know how timeless this song would become. Jimmy.

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