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It’ll be interesting to hear people yell about the county’s “tax increase.” It’s nothing more than an adjustment for the tax digest. “But we need that $1.85!”

I was offended by that picture on the front page of Monday’s Herald. Is that what we’ve come to, showing same-sex “married” couples?

What a shame Megan Rapinoe spoiled the USA women’s world cup win. She is one who takes everything the country has to offer that is good and then runs her country down. She is disgraceful with her actions and her language. She should not represent the USA ever again.

Thank you for the update on the city road improvement program. I guess the workers have been in neighborhoods where no one can see them. I know I haven’t seen them. And my roads are still in terrible shape.

I returned my Nike shoes because they made my feet hurt when I sang the national anthem.

I love the stupid argument over whether or not a mermaid is black, white or whatever. Just a hint for you people who have nothing better to do: There are no such things as mermaids.

Squawker: You are in no position to offer a false rebuttal to my opinion of Lea Henry. You may have selective memory, but Lea Henry was appointed associate athletic director at ASU. However, you were right about one thing: She did not serve; she merely held the position. I stand by my squawk. If she wanted to honor the legacy at DW, why not serve as AD there and not the public school system? She is conflicted as far as I am concerned.

I love The Grammar Guy’s columns. Some of us still care about the English language that is taking a beating from this new generation.

The fake Christian squawker is wrong again. No one wants the U.S. women’s team to stay in the kitchen, we just want them to respect our country, our flag and our National Anthem. You are so delusional with your fake news squawks.

The rednecks are right: Trump has emboldened them to let their true color show. Hint: It’s white.

Socialist Communist fake American Trump-haters are pathetic. What’s even more pathetic is that they will probably succeed in bringing America down by election fraud and massive numbers of ignorant immigrant voters, both legal and illegal. They will deserve the horrors of socialism and Communism, but the rest of us will not.

This country’s residents have become so complacent and unconcerned about the government leaders that they just keep on sending the same useless people to Washington. If you want change, vote these clowns out of office.

Latest Trump approval poll said to be at its highest of 47%. It would probably be more like 75% or better but for the 90%-plus negative media bias.

Trump calls his fellow sexual predator Epstein a terrific guy who likes his women young. Are you fake Christians going to look away again?

With all the things going on in our community — Did you know we have our own scandals? — it’s amazing that so many people care so much about Trump or the Democrats in Washington. Guess what, people, your whining will do nothing about that, but you can help bring about change here.

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