For those of you like the squawker who complained about the couple on the front page of Monday’s Herald: We’re here, we’re queer; we’re loud and we’re proud. Get used to it.

Trump sure lives rent-free in your Super Christian mind.

“Dead-Headitor:” When you put an old hippie in charge of the newspaper. You’re right, Fletcher, this is fun!

Will someone please explain to me why people run for a county commission seat and then are unable to do what they’re elected to do?

“Is that what we’ve come to, showing same-sex ‘married’ couples?” Yep. Over 5% of the people in the U.S. are LGBT. That’s almost as many as elderly white males.

Before the Dougherty County Commission considers any tax increase, tax investigators should fan out over the county and make every supposed nonprofit entity and fly-by-night church prove they’re entitled to tax immunity. The so-called preachers should be forced to show their salaries and the type of foreign luxury car they’re driving.

This is to the many squawkers who seem to hate everything in America: Why don’t you just leave, go to Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela or anywhere else? You are all so negative about everything, Why? Go out and get a job. Clean up the area around you. You are really pitiful.

I don’t want to sound like a cheerleader because I know there are lots of flaws, but the Wednesday edition of The Herald was one of the best, and best-looking, I’ve seen in a long time.

How about “compermissioner:” Elected officials who are always granting services for special interests? (Sounds familiar.)

It’s a sad time we live in today. The week leading up to July 4th I have never heard so much hate for our country and hate for our God that blessed you to be here. I know the election is coming up soon and you just want to keep the hate going. Go to another country if you’re not happy.

It’s amazing with all the issues we have going on in our area, state, country and the whole world that these Trump sheep think “everything is great right now.” Unbury your heads.

CBS locally, what is your problem? You cut away from golf coverage on Sunday to feature an infomercial. Tonight, “Jeopardy!” was on the blink. Then the rains knock you off the air. Are y’all transmitting with rabbit ears?

Thank you, Porterfield Methodist Church, for presenting “Liberty 2019” recently. The choir, band and individuals were just great.

I am going to return my Nike shoes because they are beginning to smell like Kaepernick. If everyone will pay attention and think, he does stink.

If you are running for elected office, you should be qualified and have the ability to make decisions about running the city or county. The question is, why in the hell do you have to hire someone to tell you how to do your job? To hire a consult to tell you what you should know, should be an insult to your intelligence. Of course, you probably won’t be able to understand this.

The Democrats continue to push the Green New Deal. It is a pig in a poke that will transfer our prosperity to China, and no one knows if it will reduce temperatures.

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