I too have seen people sell food from giveaways. I also wonder if these same people go to every giveaway. This is nothing new folks; the holidays are a landslide of freebies for the low-down and greedy.

Don’t miss “Jingle in The Park” on Dec. 5 at Tift Park Community Market. Purchase some great gifts from local vendors from 9 til 1. We will have our last regular-season market on Nov. 28.

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I see that the Donald has commenced to pardon his merry band of thieves, each unfairly punished as they went dutifully about their felonies on his behalf.

Anyone that would defend the hatred of the sermons of Jeremiah Wright and call him a preacher and profit is just as dangerous as Wright himself.

If anyone was still watching the Albany City Commission meeting at the end, they saw a sickening display by Demetrius Young. He has shown his true colors with his threats against other commissioners and business people in his district. He is a disgrace, and those who sign on to his racist agenda should be ashamed.

Fletcher, you obviously don’t hear this much, but there are those of us who appreciate you and what you do. I’m thankful you still have purpose.

I think it would b e good idea if the Georgia attorney general did an investigation of Abrams. If he finds any wrongdoing, then put her on trial. I would bust her so fast it would make her head swim.

Is it true that fireman, by orders of the chief, are not allowed in a home to save fire victims until a commander arrives? Lord help Dougherty County.

Good article, Carlton, on the mega-Mercedes owner. Years ago, as a divorced dad, I got memberships at the Y for me and my son. I paid full price. During the summer, we would go there, and I would see many kids dropped off by moms in late-model expensive cars and SUVs. They were not paying a dime for their kids to attend. At the time, I was driving an 18-year-old pickup and living in a single-wide trailer, just trying to spend time with my son and struggling.

Loeffler is a fake Republican.

Georgia needs its legislature to correct and clarify election rules for a fair election Jan. 5. Raffensperger and Kemp had no legal right to agree to Stacey Abrams’ demands. If someone applies for an absentee ballot, a previous registration should be required and a way to verify that.

God bless you, Mr. Fletcher. Thank you for sharing your talent with your city.

On Dec. 31, the stimulus money expires and a lot of folks will be out of money and homeless, and all the Republicans will do is just shrug their shoulders.

The Democrats say on the news today that they want to create harmony. I say the Democrats will create harmony when hell freezes over. The only thing the Democrats will do is create a socialist country. I will tell this country, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. In this case, they did.

Why is the Black Voters Matter van allowed to park in the mayor’s parking space at the Government Center?

On Nov. 3 we saw there were more decent Americans that voted than the fake Christians who voted for the con man in the White House.

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