While we are retraining the police to better be able to safely enforce the laws, why don’t parents train their kids to obey the laws? It might just help the whole situation.

If you are the couple who picked up a lost, husky mix dog at Lowe’s in Albany on 8/01, please do the right thing and return her to her family. There is video evidence that she was taken. She has a microchip for identification, and any vet can scan her for free. You can also take her back to Lowe’s. They have the owner’s information.

To the squawkers who think African Americans are racist because we have our own month to celebrate African American history, historically African American colleges, and other programs that promote our well-being: How quickly you forget the reason these exist. It was and is because of segregation; white folks did not think African Americans were good enough to co-exist with. That is why we had to empower our own culture and history.

The Republic has withstood Obama, will withstand Trump, BLM, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell. The Republic can’t withstand masses of people who think like Yours Truly and Masked Man.

When congressmen/women and other politicians are caught using campaign funds for personal use, they all scream it was a mistake or someone on my staff made a mistake. These politicians cannot account for who is paying for their vacations, golf club memberships, even gas for their cars, but they expect us to trust them to spend billions of our tax money. How absurd is that?

To the squawker that doesn’t think my squawk about loyalty is correct. You are wrong. It’s worked for Trump so far in having loyalty the No. 1 requirement. There’s no problem with incompetence; works just fine for Trump. What’s wrong with being a Trump worshiper? It gets you what you want: lower taxes if you are rich, reducing or ignoring regulations, which is important.

God forbid but if I ever need a lawyer, it sure won’t be one of those ambulance chasing ones on TV.

Georgia Farm Bureau presents Rep. Sanford Bishop their highest award. And it was disclosed that he was being investigated for illegal campaign spending. The funds were used for vacations, country club dues, holiday parties, school tuition for grandchildren, and gasoline for personal vehicles. And, of course, he is saying it was his staff’s mistakes. Do all politicians think we are that stupid?

The title for the Louisiana black man’s sentence for stealing hedge clippers is totally misleading. Under Louisiana law, the man is a habitual violator, and thus, gets that sentence. Don’t like the sentence? Change the law democratically. Better yet, don’t be a habitual criminal.

To say that a vice presidential nominee “must be a woman of color” is both sexist and racist.

Gloves off: As gun owners don’t like IRA leadership nor radical Trump politics, but it seems N.Y. AG’s timely suit to dissolve it, on charges prevalent in many if not most nonprofits, is a bold, arrogant, presumptuous move by the political far left. The fight for America rages, now, not so quietly, not so benign. Who’s next?

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