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Thanks, Albany Herald, for the Grant Wood picture of Doug and Karen Porter, front page of Wednesday’s paper. Guess I (we) needed that.

I’m so thankful that The Albany Herald is running stories on Scott Steiner. He has been amazing during this pandemic, and I am enjoying getting to “know” him through these stories. I agree with him: I believe he was sent here to get us through this emergency. Thank you, Mr. Steiner.

Enjoyed reading what Karen Liebert and Doug Porter are doing their sheltering in place time. Especially liked the “American Gothic” picture.

Albany residents are not going to let the virus kill more people than they will with guns.

Will Geer is taking up a lot of space in some of y’all’s brains, isn’t he? But don’t worry about it — he can live there rent-free as long as you continue to pay him in attention and notoriety.

To the lady getting rid of your “Made in China” clothes, bravo. I do not have any Made in China clothes, but I have a lot of household items made there and they are going bye bye.

Every day they say it’s gonna get worse. I think it’s time to start naming names and telling where they have been going to get the virus. Those people and places need to be isolated.

I thank God for Scott Steiner and the staff at Phoebe.

When using gloves, wash your hands with the gloves on, then rinse them in a solution of ¼ cup of chlorine bleach with one gallon of room-temperature water for at least 30 seconds. Hang them and let them dry.

So glad the governor told Mr. Geer to shut up. We have enough problems without making them up.

We are going to beat COVID-19. Don’t bet against America. We will win.

I understand that people in east Albany are roaming around and ignoring the stay-in-place orders. Why aren’t you doing something about this City Commissioner Jon Howard?

Phoebe’s tracking of the COVID-19 numbers posted April 2 via a bar graph was an excellent visual of the local pandemic overview. Thanks for sharing the information in such a clear and concise manner.

Lee County Jail. Provide soap and paper products to all inmates.

When this shelter in place is over, I am going to join two organizations Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous.

If our Constitution is suspended, I will then shelter in place. Till then, mayor, I will stand up for freedom. And if you don’t like it, you, sir, you can kiss my lower backside.

Let me ask the people that will attend a worship service because God will take care of them: Do you look before you cross the street? Why? My thinking is that if the Lord gave you a brain to think with, why use it in one instance but not the other? I will keep an open mind. Please explain.

Dawson Road is finally clear, but there is nowhere to go .

Please consider flying city flags at half staff in memory of Judge Nancy Stephenson & the two unnamed city personnel that have died recently due to complications of the coronavirus.

My grandson asked me how did we manage when i was a youngster in the ’50s without remote TV. I told him my parents did have remote control TV ... me.

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