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Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers. To the haters ... go join the Republican Party and be with your kind.

Squawker, senior tax relief doesn’t take one penny from the BOE. Please research how it works. Counties big and small have it, it’s both affordable and needed.

Time we realized how fiscally smart the politicians are and how stupid we are to continue funding the filling of their coffers. I doubt it was ever intended that there would be career politicians, those like Bernie that never held a real job and got rich scamming the rest of us.

I tearfully read Mr. Fletcher’s tribute to his former employee. What happened to this young lady was a tragedy, and I pray that she will recover and continue doing the wonderful things she’s destined to do with her life.

The really comical thing, “Yours Truly,” is the three years of unabashed, hysterical outrage the Democrats have heaped on themselves and others in an attempt to sway the public’s opinion. I’m not sure you’re even cut out for the scout team; better sell your Nikes.

Democrats only need to list their experience with getting rid of presidents on their resumes to get hired. Interesting.

With probably the highest property taxes in the state, I don’t think our city/county commissioners realize that Dougherty County is a very small county in terms of land area. One can drive in almost any direction and be out of the county in a few minutes. Seniors cannot afford the ridiculous school tax any longer, many being retired. Move a few miles or a few blocks and save yourself a large amount of money each year.

Trump corrupts everything he touches. Now it’s the Department of Justice. The man is despicable.

Now is the time to go to Cuthbert and see the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit of Rural Living. Feb 29 is the last day. It is outstanding.

The closer Bernie Sanders gets to becoming the Democratic presidential candidate, I dust off my copies of George Orwell’s books “1984” and “Animal Farm” to remind myself of what America is going to become. “All animals are equal except that some are more equal than others.” Mark it down.

I was born a clean-cut good ole boy, worked hard on a farm, good clean-cut friends and nice girlfriends. But when I watched NASCAR for the first time ever, the drivers are nasty, long-haired guys with grubby beards. Whatever happened to the good ole boy Southern gentlemen? Won’t watch NASCAR again.

I see where a local church just won $1.75 million from an insurance company. Since the church does not pay property tax on this prime location, and never has, maybe it would be a good gesture of all those years of not paying taxes that they would buy one of those $750,000 firetrucks that our city/county needs. And they could keep the million dollars left over.

If Mitt Romney hadn’t have been such a “mealy-mouthed patsy,” he could have been elected president and you know who would still be a community organizer.

Only Will Geer can be p--sed about people out picking up litter in Albany. It is nice to see people making a difference. Thank you, “Selling Sisters,” for starting this.

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