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Wonderful article by Tom Seegmueller on The Last Albanian. Tom knows and understands the history of this community as well as anyone, and I’m pleased to see that he is writing for the Herald.

You can buy a copy of the Meuller Report online for a dollar or two. Try reading it yourself. It’s shocking. God save us.

Please name one law that President Trump has broken.

Wyoming rancher’s summary of the Mueller report and Democrats’ hapless ongoing efforts in one sentence: “While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

The Herald’s editorial on Sunday should have been titled “Editor has no room for science, facts.” Any elementary student could do an internet search on the words “fetal heartbeat” and read that the it can be heard as early as 6 weeks. You should go to any crisis pregnancy center and talk to them, but that would mean you would have to do research before you state facts, which is evidently not your method of writing.

God bless the men and women who served during D-Day, and God bless The Albany Herald for running the articles about D-Day in Thursday’s paper. We can’t ever forget.

You know how to make a Republican mad? You tell them a lie. You know how to make a Democrat mad? You tell them the truth.

If you eat today, thank a farmer; if you read today, thank a teacher; if you read in English, thank a veteran; if you pray today, thank God.

I always tip at least 20%, even when tips are not called for. To ensure prompt service, tips work.

Don Trump Jr. said it was an honor to be invited to the state dinner at Buckingham Palace. But he wasn’t invited by the palace. His daddy and step-mama were. Jr., his siblings and White House staff were uninvited guests accepted as tag-alongs of his daddy. But all of Trump’s babies will fake it to make it seem like they got an official invite.

Just like the narcs know where I live, for some time I have run the plates of the narcs on Pine Avenue, so I know where you live, too.

Trump is doing what I voted for him to do: appoint conservative Supreme Court judges, protect the 2nd Amendment, stop illegal immigration, suppress socialism, support capitalism, defend Christianity. Trump haters are an example of “biting the hand that’s trying to help you.” If Trump didn’t care about America, he could be living the good life and not having to put up with unhinged Democrats and RINO Republicans.

The Civil Air Patrol is one of the best things going for our young people. Thank y’all for all you do, and congratulations to Mitchell Award winners.

The way you think, Fletcher, those dirt clods you chunked at your kinfolks when you were a kid should now be banned as deadly weapons.

The squawker who keeps whining about Trump should consider the alternative. Democrats want socialism, higher taxes, open borders, illegal alien voting, coddling Iran, bankrupting the country with Green New Deal nonsense, and destroying what’s left of the health care system. Is that really what you want?

Squawker: Harvey’s left South Albany but renewed their lease to stave off competition. There are several grocery chains wanting to move in after the lease expires. Soon ...

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