Both parties need to replace their old-school leadership. Washington has been in a rut for decades, weighted down by ineffective, angry, nasty, vengeful, deranged representatives. Americans are sick of it. The country needs statesmen, not politicians.

I never thought I would wish to be 65 years old. I am only 62 but ready for my COVID vaccine.

I read Del Vecchio and Avera in the letters to the editor. Both are spot on. And I feel bad because they are right. Where will these lunacies end?

The post office on Meredyth Drive had its outside mail drop box broken into over a week ago. Poor leadership/inept management still has not repaired or replaced the boxes, causing several hundred people each day to have to get out of their car and go inside the post office to drop mail off. Just another example of why the post office needs to be privately run.

For you Democrats that like the idea of socialism, read some news about Venezuela on the internet. There are hundreds of thousands going hungry because of their socialist government. It very well could happen here, and under a socialist government will.

Legislature to change election laws? Why, since there was no fraud and corruption?

Carlton, every word you wrote in Sunday’s paper is so true and also so sad. I wish people would read “How Do You Kill 11 Million People” by Andy Andrews. So many have spent the last four years singing.

Support free speech and free press! Cancel big tech!

Speaker Pelosi continues to mark people with her biased/negative words. She should realize she is at the end of her time in Congress. It’s time she is removed from her post, which she has held too long. She needs to find that rocking chair in her home, sit it in front of her TV and review her decisions she has made during her time in Congress and get ready for meeting her maker.

I received a letter from Elizabeth S., a Working America (AFL-CIO) member, in December telling me how to vote in the Senate runoffs. Her return address in Suwanee belongs to the International Food and Commercial Workers International Union. And, bless her heart, Elizabeth went all the way from Georgia to California so the letter would be postmarked San Francisco.

I am having difficulty deciding whether to blame or praise Carlton and Trump for the results of the runoff election.

It’s truly amazing: Georgia voters voted for socialism, higher taxes, government-controlled health care, and take their gun or pay a fine for having them.

I hear the Democrats said they have a clear mandate. Since when is a bare minimal win in a whole bunch of cases a clear mandate? You had best remember almost half the folks don’t agree with the policies you intend to push. You are supposed to represent the state in total, not just the Democrats.

Hey SMRs, reality-check: Since the failed Trump coup on the Capital, “The Contract with America” is no longer worth the paper it is written on. You should anticipate the Democrats controlling the government for the next 40 years. Don’t complain, just blame it on Trump and his mindless followers.

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