It’s a disgrace, the condition of the place where our loved ones are resting. These grave spots aren’t free. If you ride through the city looking at other resting places, this is the worst one, not being maintained. When it is maintained, your headstone and flower pots are broken. This is very sad and disrespectful.

Beam me up, Scottie, and hurry ...

Squawker, you are one sad individual. ASU’s enrollment is a plus to this community. Having students lodging in hotels is a great sign that the state needs to build more dorms for ASU or better yet, allow students to be housed in the apartments next to the West Campus that were built to accommodate students attending then Darton College. You have got to be one of those who was waiting to see ASU fail.

I wonder if the folks in Gainesville are aware of Christopher Pike’s failure to pay his bills while on the Albany City Commission. Being a commissioner kept him out of jail.

The number of degrees handed out by the University System of Georgia is bound to go up because people who can’t even read or write are being handed degrees ... just as long as they pay the money.

Political, educational, financial and religion are the four horns of power listed in Zechariah that Satan will use. One will receive a deadly wound for Satan to heal — looks like it will be worldwide finances.

There may indeed have been 255 mass shootings this year, but I imagine most of those mass shootings took place in Chicago. They have shootings just about every week.

I wouldn’t think the city of Gainesville would be dumb enough to hire Christopher Pike for dog catcher, but I see that he has a position of authority in metro Atlanta, so who can even guess these days.

Do as I do: Get on your knees every day and thank God that Donald Trump has taken over as president of this country. This is a man of God who is leading this country back to the path of righteousness. Trump forever!

The Democrats say it is unfair to call out Biden for his gaffs. They are hard to ignore when he makes a fool of himself on a daily basis.

You know you are old when you sense you seem to have forgotten most of what you used to know and folks remind you about it.

Trump tweeting that Clinton may have killed Epstein would be funny — in a perverse sort of way — except for it’s the president of the United States who is stooping as low as his lowest-IQ followers. This man is a buffoon.

The first Atlanta stadium was beautiful; the second stadium was nice, too. The new stadium looks like a UFO off the latest Alien movie.

Remember the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770, where five people were killed?

Causes of mass shootings: Liberals. God and Jesus expelled from schools 1963 caused destruction of morals and family values, followed by violent TV and videogames, fake news, social media, attacks on Christianity, excess legal and illegal immigration, multiculturalism, political correctness, excessive prescription and illegal drug use. Since 1950 98% of shootings in liberal created gun-free zones. NRA not responsible.

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