Albany, we stopped it before, we can do it again. Step up, mask up.

Poor Donald. Putin has told Trump that extra time will be needed to fix the next election and Congress will not let Trump give it to him.

I’ll answer what Coroner Fowler was scared to at the meeting: The reason for higher COVID-19 fatalities in Zip Code 31701 has nothing to do with economics. It has everything to do with poor health due to poor diets and poor nutrition. Most deaths are due to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. And Vitamin D deficiency.

REMAX’s new office under construction on Dawson Road will rot down before it gets dried-in.

So all Dougherty County public school students will be getting a “virtual” education this year. Maybe good for the teachers, but bad for the students. Wonder how much a “virtual’ job pays? North Georgia will continue with its job growth while this region falls farther and farther behind.

Science and faith are exclusive because science allows questioning and requires verifiable proof. Faith does not. Scientific theory evolves as new information becomes available. Religion is rigid. That’s why creationists and evolutionists are still at odds. However, scientists may be religious also because they understand the difference.

So Trump thinks absentee voting is a good thing but mail-in voting is not? Does he not know they’re the same thing? What about his supporters? I hope they know. That Masked Man

Rest In Peace Herman Cain. He was the great man Barack Obama could only aspire to be. He will be missed.

Changed my name to “None of the Above” and running for president. Landslide victory highly expected.

Hey SMRs, we are finding out that a “businessman” doesn’t know how to stop a pandemic.

Albany must be a utopia if the Commission is dealing with saggy pants and dangerous dogs. Put the dogs down and strictly enforce the saggy pants law. Problems solved.

Our country is in real bad trouble on all fronts. Unemployment, COVID, riots, fools at all levels of government on both sides, crime hitting new highs. And people are worried about a football or basketball or baseball season? How stupid is that?

Herald Sports Department ... They are playing baseball.

Nine killings of black victims in seven months in Albany. Where is the outrage, BLM? The killings in Albany are black-on-black and that’s OK just as long as they are not killed by a police officer? All black lives should matter, regardless of who they are killed by, not just the ones killed by rogue police officers. When this happens, I will get behind and support BLM.

Alert: Albany has major problems beyond saggy pants and dangerous dogs. Commission should try to fix some.

I’m an insurance agent. I would like to know what insurance company will insure a dangerous dog for $1 million liability coverage?

“Trailer for sell or rent, rooms to let 50 cents. No phone, no pool or pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes. But two hours of pushing broom buys an 8x12 four bedroom. I’m a man of means by no means ... King of the Road.” — Roger Miller Appreciate the memories.

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