Carlton, McConnell is trying to ensure that we will be ruled by law and Constitution, not by judicial fiat or whim. By the way, those rich ole white men that you seem to hate so much have given you a free country to voice your opinion, most of the movies and a lot of the music you love, medical facilities and care that you use, including your battle with the big C., and lastly they have given you the facilities, tools, and opportunity to pursue your desired lifelong occupation. Less hate and more appreciation.

No, I’m not leaving the country because Biden won. But before the next national election I do hope to move to one of the 44 states that can count votes and report results on election night.

A new study shows that COVID-19 immunity may last years. I’m shocked that the media published this fact, since all we’ve heard since the start is that our only hope is a vaccine. It seems many of us have healthy immune systems that are doing just fine.

Stacy Abrams is breaking Georgia law. And any of her minions who do what she is advocating will be breaking Georgia law. Ten years in prison. And I hope Abrams and her cohorts get maximum.

David Perdue, Loeffler, Doug Collins, Trump, and Lindsey Graham do not represent the real Republican Party. Where is honor and truth? They are liars and cheaters, spreading false information, illegal activity, and hate within the party. They are looking out for themselves not the American voters.

How was that Dorough-Cohilas summit Friday?

It took “click it or ticket” to get people to wear a seat belt. I wonder it “mask it or casket” would work.

Perdue and Loeffler will help Mitch McConnell block all stimulus packages for hospitals, state governments, unemployed worker, and COVID vaccine supplies. A majority of far-right radical Republicans will block all legislation for the next four years so that more Americans will remain unemployed and desperate.

I’m glad that at least one SMR recognizes the fact that myself and That Masked Man are geniuses. That SMR is not a genius though, as President Biden will be sworn in, not President Harris. Either way, Harris or Biden would do a much better job handling the pandemic than the Orange Klown has done. Quick question, which has killed more people, looting or the pandemic? From the Blue State of Georgia, Signed Yours Truly

Our country became divided because the Democrats chose to be divisive. America became divided the first day Obama was named president and has become even more divided. Trump has not caused this, intolerable Democrats have caused this country’s divisiveness.

After Jan. 20, 2021, who will control the GOP as we know it?

We can be thankful we don’t have to see another ridiculous Atilla the Hun ad from Loeffler. Now she wants to “save America from the radical left.” At least Perdew, Perdough, Perdodo isn’t attacking Ossoff in his ads. But did either senator look out for Georgians (or themselves) after being briefed about the coronavirus? Did they fight to protect our health coverage? Why should either of them keep their seats in the Senate?

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