The Squawkbox needs to get back to being a forum for squawks, not a political commercial for whichever side you support. All of your repetitive bomb-throwing and online fights are not going to change a single mind on the other side, so all you are really doing is massaging your own, er ... egos. C’mon, Mr. Editor, put a stop to it, it has gotten really boring.

The way to forget about pain that you have is to help other people, so you forget about yourself.

In answer to Rawlin Julius in Orlando: I am a Republican, I am neither a Trumpster nor a Nazi, but you sir are a moron. I am surprised at the Herald would print his garbage.

Since that $2.2 million that the Ritz Cultural Center is receiving is working folks’ tax money, should we not have the right to know where it goes, who writes the checks and to whom the checks are made out to? Every penny.

Maybe coincidence, maybe planned, but it was fortuitous that your column on “Bonehead Government 101” came out as the city was getting ready to start the second session of its Government 101 program. What an excellent idea. Mr. Carter certainly is proving to be an effective leader for the city.

I’m sure that you’ll get whining complaints about the letter from the man who said he’s ditched his “Nazi” conservative relatives. They’ll complain “he ain’t from around here.” Funny thing, though, that these people never complain when the letters from outside Albany espouse their views.

I dusted once and it came back. I’m not falling for that again.

If you look at another human being and deem them inferior in any way to you because of the color of their skin or any other such meaningless attribute, you are a fool. And if you call yourself a “Christian,” you are lying to yourself and to your god.

Inflation, where we pay 30% more for a product, and the provider of that product has a 30% profit increase. They have been conning us with this crap for years. Have you ever seen it go down?

You think the business people on the previous council were qualified because of their ownership. Check the facts. Just like Trump, real shell games with all the start-ups and failures. Wonder who really paid the tab?

If you don’t want a baby, don’t get pregnant. Abortion is not birth control.

Chris Clark’s program at Albany State Thursday was impressive. Unfortunately, the things he spoke of run rampant in our region because there are so few area leaders who can think beyond their own desires or the special interest groups on whose behalf they work.

P&G is expanding and adding more jobs in north Georgia. Why not in Albany?

Squawker, it is not a matter of where Warnock grew up, but what matters is where he said he grew up. Lying should not be all right with you or anyone else.

The divide is so wide between the different factions of our country we’ve taken to supporting the propaganda of evil men and women because we refuse to think for ourselves. When you give up your right to free thought for self-serving politicians you open the door to the Hitlers and Putins of history.

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