I want to commend all involved with my voting experience today at 125 Pine Ave. I was in and out in about 40 minutes. All of the people assisting (from police to poll workers to volunteers) were competent, friendly and made the process easy and pleasant. Kudos

With so much about pushing everyone to vote this election, I have decided that there is nobody to vote for. Not for president, U.S. senator, U.S. representative, Georgia representative, etc. Never in decades of voting have I ever seen a more worthless bunch running for these offices. Not one is worthy of real Americans taking time to vote for. Not a public servant in the bunch. Nothing but crooks.

Sheep live in a closed environment, controlled by their master, and are willing to accept their lot in exchange for food, shelter and health care. Antelopes, instead, are willing to live free and with liberty, choosing the risk of finding their own food, shelter and health care. On Nov. 3, there are voters that will choose to be sheep and voters that choose to be antelopes.

Yours Truly, I don’t know why you would think any of us SMRs or deplorables would be furious over any of your squawks. However, we are amazed at your ignorance. It reminds us of someone trying to put 10 pounds of crap in a 5-pound sack.

Debate moderator Kristen Welker did a great job. But the media headline says: First black woman to moderate a presidential debate solo in almost 30 years. U.S. journalists have become so racist that they always highlight a person’s race, not the character or performance.

Why do the Republicans want to reverse Roe v Wade when the vast majority of babies aborted are future Democrats?

Why do SMRs accuse Democrats of hating Trump simply because he can’t hoodwink them? And it’s not just Democrats. Independents and a growing number of Republicans aren’t buying Trump’s snake oil. “Those who speak it [truth]” is a poetic, albeit odd, way to characterize someone who has told almost 20,000 lies during his administration.

FDA has approved Remdesivir for COVID treatment. Trump was treated with it and recovered within a week. But the World Health Organization says Remdesvir is ineffective. It’s obvious the WHO director seeks permission form China before giving any guidance. He would have endorsed Remdesivir if it were a Chinese-made drug.

YT, you certainly are one who loves to gloat at his own imagined cleverness. My friends and family are far from embarrassed by my distaste for loud-mouthed liberal soap box clowns such as yourself. In fact, they all feel much the same way. And we all know this is and always will be our Squawkbox, not yours. Better luck next time.

Joe Biden attacked president Trump about immigrant children being put in cages. The cages were built and used in 2014 by the Obama/Biden administration. Sorry Joe, you lost on that issue.

Is Obama getting paid for his speaking out for Biden and Ossoff? His opinion will not matter. He has had his day for eight years and accomplished nothing other than dividing the country. No one I know cares what Obama says. He is yesterday’s news.

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