Deniers ... the election is over. Move on. Your guy lost. Please climb down off the self-imposed crosses you’ve erected in honor of your deranged champion.

What is wrong with people in this country? Many of them (about 74 million) would rather believe lies or a serial liar than the truth. Trump didn’t ask for a peaceful protest at the Capitol. He incited a riot. Until we can accept the truth and not rewrite history, we will never unite as a nation.

Demetrius speaks with forked tongue. He challenges a fellow commissioner on unethical behavior yet he supported an intimidation gig next to her restaurants while on social media calling for a boycott.

I resolve to unite, not divide, in all my actions and speech. This is a choice. I encourage you to choose the same.

Hallelujah! Bad Orange Man is vanquished, now President Biden and subsequent President Harris will be spending the next four years overturning all the horrific, racist, terroristic, homophobic and misogynistic policies of the previous four years and lead us out of darkness and into the land of milk and honey.

Woman of Color? I am a woman of color also. I am white, and white is a color.

Commissioner B.J. should stick to cooking peas and carrots.

The Americus lawyer is a kook; he should not only be kept locked up, he should be held in a high-security prison for the rest of his life.

B.J. Fletcher is a dedicated public servant and a generous one. She believes in the law and has every right to see if it is adhered to according to the constitution. We all should be as interested as she is. I know she does not just represent one side of the Flint River but is equally concerned with both sides. The recent criticism in the local newspaper is totally uncalled for. Thank you for your service, B.J.

Biden continues to talk about uniting and bringing us together. It is a big job. Many families and friends are not on speaking terms because of political differences. It will require actions, not just talk.

McConnell feels President Trump will not return ever and feels safe to use the negative language he expressed against Trump. McConnell doesn’t plan to be around for another four years anyway. I believe his career is finished now that he took the opportunity to throw President Trump under the bus. Bid farewell to him.

Hallelujah! Nancy Pelosi said civility will return to politics when Democrats gain control of the White House and the Senate, and keep control of the House of Representatives. What a great day for America.

Good riddance, loser.

I watched a beautiful, calm, loving inauguration today. No matter who you voted for, we owe it to God and our country to pray for Biden, to leave our anger and fear behind, and move forward.

At this point, is the NAACP even worth responding to? Since when was it wrong or illegal to exercise your constitutional right to question the results of a vote or the legitimacy of thousands of questionable votes who had never set foot in a voting booth until this election? There is plenty of evidence of voter fraud; you Democrats just choose to turn a blind eye to it.

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