Franklin Graham has lost all credibility as a Christian leader. People like him preach that young people are turning away from the church because America is evil. The appalling hypocrisy of people like him is why young people reject Christianity.

Trump has done such a good job with our economy, even the seventh-worst city to live in (Albany) has had its lowest unemployment numbers in years.

You hypocrites say “Obama didn’t capture bin Laden” then turn around and genuflect because “Trump has turned this nation’s economy around.” No he didn’t. The economic upturn is based on a number of factors over which neither this — nor any other president — can claim credit. If you’re going to turn this bankruptcy king into an economic genius, give the other president credit for what happened on his watch.

Yes, I called Trump a white conservative Christian and I stand by that. Is he a flawed man? Yes, he is, but aren’t we all? As a Christian I try to remember there is one who will judge us all.

Roger Marietta, I can’t believe you attached your photo and got involved with that group trying to keep “them people” out of their neighborhood, as if you can stop someone who follows all the rules from investing in this community. I thought your job was to serve what’s best for the people of Albany, not seek favor from the snobs who think they’re better than everyone else.

I’m with Jon Howard. There aren’t enough police officers patrolling the city at night, and the thugs in this community know that. Crime is getting out of control.

The problem is not guns. It is hearts without God. Homes without discipline. Schools without prayer and courtrooms without justice.

The Democrats are operating under the delusion that the Green New Deal would fix climate change. Its effect would be minuscule and the cost would bankrupt our country.

To the Yahoo squawker who called civil war “inevitable” ... you prove to be another of those who swallow everything y’all’s god, Trump, says. This man cares nothing about you or anyone else other than himself. None so blind as those who will not see.

Hillary’s deplorables are Trump’s adorables.

Yoga pants are one of fashion’s greatest gifts to mankind ... until they fall into the wrong hands. Ladies, even stretchy material can only go so far.

Why can’t those people build the low-income housing project on the eastside or the southside? We don’t want them in our neighborhood.

I really loved the series by Doug Porter about the Tift Park Zoo. Contrary to what the “new media” folks seem to believe, there are still plenty of us out here who like to read an entertaining or well-written article.

Don Meeks was too good a person to be treated as he was by the city of Albany, and he was not enough of a pencil-pusher to fit in with the elites in the Albany city government. We don’t want people of action, we want people who will sit in meetings all day and make grand plans that are never followed.

Funny how the Albany Chamber of Commerce rewards someone as one of its top business people who does nothing but copy and paste what other people create. I guess if you can fool people into thinking what you do matters, you are a pretty good business person.

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