I understand that Albany’s population is 70% black. Yes, there are capable black citizens who can conduct the city’s business. I pray new leaders understand the importance of a viable sewer system for the health and well-being of all. Unlike the squawker who disagrees.

The city of Albany will have to double property taxes to pay for sewer improvements mandated by the EPA because people elected a “Dip” that wants to kick the can down the road rather than think of all the citizens who will leave Albany because they can’t afford the higher property taxes and the monumental utility increases that are coming.

Why are we worried about Dip Gaines on the Albany City Commission when we have a do-nothing like Demetrius Young already on the board? At least Dip Gaines has been working for a living most of his adult life. Ask your commissioner from Ward VI to see his resume.

Dr. Grant with Phoebe said that Dougherty County is only 46 percent COVID vaccinated. What are you people waiting for? Time is running out.

Some Republicans and Independents didn’t vote because they didn’t like Trump or didn’t like his tweets. Those same people are now complaining about higher gas prices and other crisis under Joe Biden. Stop crying. Not voting has consequences; if you didn’t vote then shut up.

To the SMR who claims Dip sounds like a gang moniker. Know what Dip sounds like to me? The commissioner for Ward 3. I know you hate that as much as you hate that the Lying King isn’t president. No disrespect to B.J. Fletcher, but much disrespect to the racists who hate to see a black man get elected. Congratulations, Commissioner Gaines. Signed, Yours Truly

Judging by the number of squawks, Trump is alive and well in a lot of Dems’ minds. Remember, he is no longer president and won’t be for another three years. Calling his supporters “worshippers” and “cultists” is no substitute for the psychiatric help you obviously need. Truth be told, you would probably welcome him back in lieu of what you have in there now. Chill out.

I read with great interest how much money Phoebe brings in to Albany and SWGA. But I wonder if having the largest financial engine in our city being a nonprofit is a good thing.

The Squawker is right, there is a new QAnon variant that is lurking in the shadows. The only cure is to watch MSNBC three hours a night and praise Speaker Nancy before you go to bed each night.

B.J., there isn’t much you could do if the people don’t care enough to get out and vote. Your influence on the commission will be missed. The voice of reason has been replaced by the voice of greed.

Pretty soon the true president will be residing in exile of federal prison for interfering with the Georgia election.

I talked to a woman who said she didn’t vote for B.J. Fletcher because B.J. took part in the Jan. 6 riots in Washington. That’s an example of the lies told by some people who call themselves preachers in an effort to try and become relevant. Seems a lot of people are finding their sanctimonious sermons too hard to believe, given the lives they live.

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