One day the people of this country will look back and say how fortunate they were to have Trump as their president.

Kemp had a state Supreme Court justice resign early so he could appoint a member of the court rather than allowing the people of the state to choose a justice. He definitely is following the Trump line of thinking ... lie, cheat, steal, the art of the deal.

Here’s hoping we’ll get something from the usually intolerable summer heat: help with getting read of the Trump Virus. They say a virus thrives in colder weather ... well, here comes the sun. Let’s hope and pray.

By not wearing a mask, Trump sends at least two messages: First, that he doesn’t care about anyone else and, second, that he doesn’t need to follow the rules everyone else does. A true leader should never send either message.

How comforting to realize that Jill Biden is an equally skilled race-baiter as her husband Joe.

If Beijing Joe Biden was president during this pandemic, he would just tell people to take a couple of aspirins and call your doctor in the morning.

Trump is the answer to all our problems. Just leave him alone and let him do his thing. He could be the answer to all the world’s problems if all these other so-called leaders would just follow him.

Fox News has turned against Trump. What news organizations will Trump now try to exert his influence on — MSNBC or The Albany Herald?

I’m wondering when Trump’s “base” will follow their leader and dye themselves that shade of orange he obviously prefers.

A Fox News poll shows Beijing Joe Biden has a 6-point lead over Trump regarding relations with China. No surprise there with all the crooked dealings Beijing Joe and his son have had with them over the years.

It’s true, some Republicans, especially some Trump supporters, use name-tags to try to bully people when they can’t comprehend facts, just like their leader does. Don’t think, just follow the leader. One squawker said vote Republican if you want to think for yourself. LOL, when all they do is repeat the same lies over they’ve been told and Fox News stories they won’t check. Simple minds lack conscientious thoughts.

Only a blind Trump follower could squawk describing the COVID-19 virus as a liberal Democrat fake news virus.

I can’t wait ‘til ole Bankruptcy Don starts making America great again by walking each state through bankruptcy proceedings. Great businessman? Are you kidding me? This person that is our president has cheated more people and companies out of their money than any swindler you can name. That’s right ... four more years, baby. Four more years of lies and corruption from an office that was once regarded as sacred.

Since the left-wingers think the name “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” is racist, can we just refer to COVID as Kung Flu?

Let’s don’t even go through the cost and aggravation of the sham election. Let’s just appoint Donald Trump our ruler for as long as he wants to be, and then let him choose who he wants to succeed him. Maybe Donald Jr. will be ready to step in when he decides to step down.

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