Wait a minute, the Trump sheep get more playtime on this platform than the rest of us adults. Crybaby.

Prince Phillip gets vaccinated on Jan. 9 and dies three months later. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these vaccines carry a risk, no matter what the media and so-called “expert” doctors say. Roll the dice, it’s your own life.

Phoebe advertises saying stay at home, you can get just as good medical care here in Albany as anywhere. So I find it amusing that paying my Phoebe Physician Group bill, I noticed I am mailing the check to Belfast, Maine.

At the age of 79, I decided that I need a new set of dentures. Went to two companies that sell dentures. They would not see me because I would not wear a diaper on my face. It’s OK. They lost more than $600 from me.

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump ... we stand ready to serve America’s true leader.

A poll taken stated that once they read what was in Georgia’s new voting law, over 54% of Americans polled approved of the new voting law. Perhaps Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden should have read the law before they spread all those lies.

Why isn‘t the fake news media getting on Biden and Harris for the crisis at the border? They would be on Trump like white on rice. Hypocrites with double standards.

When is ASU going to fix their traffic light on Radium Road?

Like a lot of people, I miss my old newspapers. I understand the changing times and economics, but that doesn’t stop me from missing my old sports pages with box scores and stats and more than one page. Another way of life that, like me, is winding down. A lot of folks will never know that simple enjoyment. What a pity.

So Republicans want to boycott MLB and Coca-Cola? But I thought they didn’t like “cancel culture?” Help me, I’m confused. That Masked Man

When a local TV news or sports announcer doesn’t (apparently) care enough to learn how to correctly pronounce a location or a newsmaker’s name, then that person needs to be retrained or replaced.

Here’s the deal: When President Biden was signing a set of executive orders on gun control yesterday, he said, “No amendment is absolute” in regard to the Second Amendment. Look for Biden’s next executive order in the near future: Constitutional amendments renamed Constitutional suggestions.

The Democrats and liberals around the world are going absolutely bonkers over so many “ woke” issues that it’s pure madness. Thank goodness for The Masters this week. A big dose of class, integrity and good manners is most refreshing.

Some squawker has been listening to Biden’s lies about Jim Crow. I wish one person would tell me how the new Georgia voting law will hinder people of color from voting. Every person — black, white, red, yellow — is under the same law. Those who oppose it are afraid they can’t cheat as much as they did in the last election.

I am doomed because everything is zoomed.

It is already against the law to lie to a federal law enforcement officer. Pass state laws to make it a crime to lie to any law enforcement officer. Then use that law to the best advantage.

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