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Gov. Brian Kemp

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp has announced that e-waste recycling company Igneo Technologies will invest $85 million in opening its first U.S. electronics recycling facility at the Port of Savannah. The project is expected to create at least 150 jobs in Chatham County once Igneo is fully operational.

“Georgia continues to lead the nation in highly competitive projects, and it is great to see cutting-edge companies like Igneo choose our state,” Kemp said in a news release. “Thanks to our business-friendly climate and unwavering support for private-sector innovation, Georgia is at the forefront of attracting solutions-oriented companies that will point us toward a more sustainable future. We look forward to helping Igneo be successful at SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex.”

Headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., Igneo will offer a sustainable solution for recycling electronic waste. The company extracts reusable metal components from e-waste while eliminating organic matter from the material. The resulting product, a concentrate of copper and precious metals, is then delivered to metal smelting companies around the world. Once fully operational, the company plans to move more than 10,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) through Georgia’s ports system to customers across North America and the world.

“We are very excited to launch Igneo in the state of Georgia; the Savannah area offers the perfect blend of a dynamic business environment, dependable work force and premier access to global trading routes,” Danish Mir, CEO of Igneo, said. “Igneo has found a great location to fully deploy its sustainable solution to the e-waste problem, and we look forward to creating a lasting positive impact for the environment.”

Igneo will open at SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex located on SeaPoint Boulevard in Savannah. Igneo will hire for careers in industrial process, global logistics, and laboratory science and engineering. Individuals interested in opportunities with the company are encouraged to visit igneo.com for additional information.

“On behalf of the Savanah Economic Development Authority, I would like to congratulate Igneo on their first U.S. manufacturing facility in Savannah,” Trip Tollison, the Savannah Economic Development Authority’s president and CEO, said. “This was a competitive project and had lots of partners at the state and local level coming together to make it happen and locate at the SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex. We look forward to having a long relationship with Igneo and watching them grow in Savannah.”

Director Hank Evans represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Global Commerce division on this competitive project in partnership with the Savannah Economic Development Authority, Georgia Ports Authority and Georgia Power.

“Innovative, solutions-oriented companies like Igneo are vital for our future,” GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson said. “Not only do they recycle products that would otherwise be part of the waste stream, but the process extracts the minerals and precious metals that are essential to our everyday lives, cutting our reliance on an unstable international supply chain. We are excited to welcome Igneo to Georgia.”

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