AMNA FAROOQI: What is racism in southwest Georgia?

Amna Farooqi

ALBANY — In recognition of Black Women’s Equal Day, the 9to5 Georgia Albany chapter will host an equal pay/salary negotiation training session for black women who are adversely affected by legislation, policies and work culture surrounding equal pay.

The training session will be held at The Flint restaurant in downtown Albany Aug. 31 at 6 p.m.

Tickets may be purchased at Eventbrite at

The Flint is located at 112 Pine Ave.

This year Aug. 22 marks the point in the year that black women catch up to their white male counterparts from the previous year. Currently, black women make only 61 cents on the dollar. That means it takes eight additional months to catch up to what white males make in one year.

Because of the wage gap, a woman working full-time year-round will typically lose $10,169 annually, a loss that is even greater for black women.

This year, 9to5 Georgia’s goal is to engage black women by providing a training that will increase their purse power by giving women stronger tools and skills to combat wage discrimination, especially on the local level.

Equal pay/salary negotiation training would be a step toward economic security for women and families in the state.

Equal pay is a major inequitable economic injustice for black women that has caused the wage gap to grow wider over the years, due to the historical undercurrent of sexist and racist backdrops in combating pay equity and other vital issues impacting black women, according to a news release from the Albany chapter of 9to5 Georgia.

For more information, contact Amna Farooqi at or phone (301) 793-1405.

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