Albany Technical College holds annual Fall Honors Day Program

Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission President Justin Strickland was the keynote speaker for Albany Technical College’s Annual Honors Day program Tuesday. The college will hold its 2015 Fall Commencement exercise Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Albany Civic Center. (Staff Photo: Terry Lewis)

ALBANY — Nearly 130 Albany Technical College students were recognized Tuesday during the college’s Fall 2015 Honors Day ceremony. Justin Strickland, President of the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission, was the program’s keynote speaker.

A native of Albany, Strickland has been employed since 2007 by the public-private partnership of the City of Albany, Dougherty County, and the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. He came to the EDC from the private sector, where he was a bank marketing executive for a multi-state bank holding company.

“Get involved in life. Ninety percent of life is just showing up,” Strickland said to the honorees. “So many of the tenets of life just involve showing up. There is nothing vague about it. Show up for life.”

Strickland then urged the students to search for passion.

“Get involved in what’s happening in your life and find your passion in your life, Strickland said. “Seek it out. I know that’s way easier said and done. But you have it within you; seek it out and then pursue it. I appreciate each and every one of you.”

Among the ATC students recognized Tuesday were:

Presidential Scholars

(awarded for 3.95-4 GPA):

Teresa Bloodworth, Roxie Boone, Brittney Brooks, Jamie Darlington, Jeffrey Davis, Timothy Dupree, Donna Evans, Brennon Farmer, Anita Jones, Michael Manley, Matthew Newsome, Marie Page, Donald Poole, Jamie Sauls, Matthew Voelkelt, Nedra White, Thomas Wiard.

National Technical Honor Society:

John Bolden, Brittney Brooks, Loretta Brown, Trezarius Clyde, Jamie Darlington, George Duck, Michael Funk, Melody Helm, Evelyn Jenkins,, Anita Jones, Mark Jones, JonKeysha Kendrick, Cynthia McClendon, Melinda Medley, Michael Myers, Matthew Newsome, Matthew Nowicki, Marie Page, Angela Palmer, Jeremiah Paschal, Sabriyyah Pollock, Erik Ponthier, Jamee Powell, Kattie Pressley, Dominique Sapp, Almaria Shelton, Barbara Spurlin-Robinson,, Latia Stephens, Michael Walent, Audrey Watkins, Theresa Barbosa-Weston, Christopher Williams.

Honors With Distinction

(awarded for 3.75-3.94 GPA):

Trista Atkinson; Dewayne Baisden, Helen Bowling, Martissue Bradley, Skylar Brown, Christopher Clark, Kelvin Collier, Johnathan Coutu, Linda Crawford, Carlus Davis, George Duckm Michael Funk, Earlene Gardner, Rastrellias Garnett, Marteisha Gassaway, Danielle Green, Jeremy Hancock, Montavious Heath, Melody Helm, Bobby Hill, Tommie Hilson, Kiana Holloway, Cynthnie Hughes, Dylan Hughes, Deshavea Ivory, Rosalyn James, Janice Johnson, Benjamin Jones, Jason Jursik, Jonkeysha Kendrick, Sherri Lind, Willie Mathis, Belinda McLoyd, Taylor Mears, Kenneth Moye, Jasmine Nelson, Rachel Parks, Jeremiah Paschal, Erik Ponthier, Jamee Powell, Justin Riner, Dominique Sapp, Almaria Shelton, Dwan Sherron, Thomas Shook, Lewis Singleton, Latia Stephens, Earl Stewart, Jennifer Valdez, Michael Walent, Audrey Watkins, Garry Wheeler, James White, Gwendolyn Wiggins.

National Adult Education Honor Society:

LeRon Holsey, Jawaski Green.

GED Awards:

Daniel Johnson, Laurel Short.


Jamie Darlington.

American Criminal Justice Association:

George Duck, Marquis Garland,, Juanita Hillsman, Kentorian Hilson, Trenise Holsey, Erica Kelley, Brianna Lester, Destiny Smith, Kirsten Washington Shameka Williams.

Collegiate DECA:

Cortrez Fraizer, Patricia Haines, Fabian Thomas.

GOAL Winners:

Jerri Jarrell, Mark Peavey.

Phi Beta Lambda:

Willie Brown, Bettye Bryant, Janice Riggins.


Katrina Peterson, Lewis Singleton, Asia Davis, Shandoria Goines, Joseph Harris, Tiffany Harris, Sharese Hawkins, Jeanetta Hicks, Jerri Jarrell, Sheriyah Mullikin, Melissa Smith, Chanel Turner, Lillie Whitfield.

Student Government Association:

Doana Brown, Bettye Bryant, Marteisha Gassaway, Cassandra Harris, Larketya Sloan.

The Annual Honors Day program recognizes honor students in advance of Albany Tech’s regularly scheduled Fall graduation exercise, which will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Albany Civic Center.

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