“America needs you, Harry Truman, Harry could you please come home?”

— Chicago

And people said the choice was bad four years ago.

We’ve now reached the point where politics has devolved to the point of extinction in America: As we prepare for the 2020 presidential election, we have to choose between a self-involved egotist who has little concept of what’s actually going on in the world at large — or in this country — and apparently, despite his lofty position, doesn’t seem to know or care what the American people require in this age of pandemic and civic unrest.

And then there’s Donald Trump.

I’ll say a couple of things about the current occupant of the White House (when he’s not out playing golf or hosting Russian spies ... and, yes, True Believers, that’s a joke, so no threats): He did a helluva job getting this country’s sluggish economy rolling early in his tenure, and he literally could — as he proclaimed four years ago — shoot someone (anyone!) in the middle of the street, and his blindly loyal followers would not only look the other way, they’d make excuses to justify his actions.

Unfortunately for the president, it’s not early in his tenure anymore. It’s now ... it’s 2020, with a pandemic that he apparently thinks he can order to stand down and it will obey, just like his loyalists, and major cities throughout the land under siege for weeks after violence erupted in the wake of racially charged police killings. Rather than show the cool, level-headed leadership that the country so sorely needed, Trump went on Twitter and said mean things about people he didn’t like, threw out the same tired lines that all but the sycophants of his “base” apparently have grown tired of, given the response to his recent million-conservative dog-and-pony show that looked suspiciously like 6,000, and his constant defending himself ... against former colleagues who’re calling him inept in books, former apologists who are wondering why he isn’t talking about what he’s going to do about the mess this country’s in and Congressional leaders who are starting to see some unpleasant writing on the wall.

If you thought Trump’s embarrassing “grab them by the p----,” “look how big my hands are” and mockery of war heroes, political opponents and women in general were bad in 2016, take a look at trump 2020. And that’s with four years in the White House under his belt.

Meanwhile, Democrats are trotting out a man who pretty much stayed hidden during said pandemic, a man who already was not known as the sharpest tool in the shed but now wants to kinda be in charge of the free world despite the fact he’s maybe, in the lingo of sports, lost a step or two. Trump is aces at bluster and tactlessness, but no one’s ever accused him of being a genius. His Democratic opponent, though, Joe Biden, is having a tough time focusing on where he is, never mind complex concepts like foreign diplomacy and a faltering economy.

George W. Bush proved you can know very (very, very, very) little and still keep from blowing up the world as president if you have someone around you with just a little knowledge. But Biden’s announcement that he would name a woman as his vice presidential running mate — not the best person available — doesn’t exactly inspire a higher level of confidence. (And, no, that’s not a knock on women as leaders. I think women are way smarter than men, and I would vote for two or three women right now over Trump or Biden. And, it must be noted, being vice president does not exactly require a level of genius ... does the name Mike Pence set off any alarms? It’s just that Biden is not even looking for the most qualified woman as his running mate; he’s looking for someone to “balance the ticket.”)

No, Election 2020 is destined to be a bleak night in the annals of U.S. history, no matter which of these two wins. Lord, where is George Washington when you need him? ... Or Abraham Lincoln? ... Or Franklin Roosevelt? ... Or Dwight Eisenhower? Hell, at this point, we’ll take a Richard Nixon ... a Bill Clinton ... a Jimmy Carter.

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Electing a literal mound of fecal matter would begin to right this country's direction.

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