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Carlton Fletcher

“I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes, and for that one moment I could be you. ... You’d know what a drag it is to see you.”

— Bob Dylan

I’ve actually heard people say this.

“That Marjorie Taylor Greene, she may be a little outspoken, but that girl’s doing what she was elected to do. She’s one of the few people in Congress with the guts to stand up for what she believes in.”

No, no, no, no. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who replaced Jody Hice as the most embarrassing person from Georgia to make their way into our federal government, is not doing what she was elected to do. She is, in fact, following the dictates of a mindless cult that, while she says all the things that the supporters of President Trump like to hear — although she has not yet claimed to have grabbed anyone by the p-- — or any other body part — her words have nothing to do with furthering democracy or the machinations of government.

A little lesson in Government 101: When you are elected to hold public office, be it on the local, state or national level, you are elected to represent the people of the district in which you reside. You were not sent to city hall, the Gold Dome or Washington to spread your lunacy, even if the president, governor, mayor or local representatives from whom you seek favor espouse the same kind of lunacy.

No, Margorie Taylor Greene, is not representing the people who put her in office. She is, in fact, voting against pretty much any and all legislation that comes down the well in the House, even legislation that would impact her district in a very positive way. Read the legislation, hell? She doesn’t even have a clue what it’s about. She just votes no, last week joining one other legislator among the 420 or so who voted in casting a negative vote.

Sadly, there are people — and these are the kinds of people who all too gladly donate money to her re-election campaign, encouraging her to “keep telling it like it is” — who now see politics as an us vs. them game, and they see Greene as the ultimate anti-them representative in the whole government.

But see, those of you too blind to see, she’s not representing you. She may represent your pro-Trump stance or your anti-Democrat bent, but she’s not advocating for your best interest. Take a look at the Congressional votes at some point. You’ll see that Greene has voted against legislation that would not only help her constituents, some of it was written just to help them. But Green voted against it because ... well, no one knows.

Of course, this is a woman who has embraced the QAnon nonsense whose primary tenets are that there is a cabal — it once was headed by Jews but now appears to be under the charge of Hillary Clinton — of pedophiles that plans to use interstellar weapons to take over the world. There are only a few brave souls who have the power to stop these diabolical miscreants ... chief among them, according to some Q-balls — our former president.

I’ll give Greene credit for having soaked up a little political-speak during her embarrassing time in Washington. When people have called her out on all the bull she’s gotten into — and that would include stalking a teenage boy and offering social media support for people who have called for violence against the enemy, i.e. Democrats — she puts on a convincing “I’m just a sweet country housewife who was misunderstood by all these northern journalists and, heck, who knew anybody I didn’t want to would be able to read my social media posts?” She’s learned enough from her hero Trump embrace the old reliable political lies of “fake news” and “No, you see, that wasn’t what I meant. These evil journalists misquoted me or took what I said out of context.”

So you followers just keep on dishing over your hard-earned money to Greene. You say she’s the only one who will represent you in a way you want to be represented. But if you’d only open your eyes, you’d see this person is nothing more than a wasted vote. She could change her name to QAnon or Hugo or Bullwinkle or Daisy Mae and it wouldn’t matter. Her vote means nothing, and it never will.

No, your hero is not a mover in Congress. She’s the worst thing you could ever be in a governmental body. She’s a seat-filler. And that’s all she’ll ever be until she is booted out of office.

Email Carlton Fletcher at carlton.fletcher@albanyherald.com.

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