ALBANY — The passenger in a pickup truck was seriously injured just before noon Tuesday morning when two vehicles were involved in a crash at the busy intersection of Pine Avenue and Jefferson Street.

An Albany Police Department spokeswoman said the department would send out a news release including names of persons involved in the accident after receiving a report from the department’s Uniform Division.

While a passenger in a pickup truck involved in the accident was hurt badly and had to be extracted from the vehicle by Albany Fire Department personnel using a jaws of life tool, the drivers of both vehicles appeared not to be seriously injured at the scene.

“I’m a little shaken up, but I’m all right,” the driver of the pickup, which veered out of control after the impact but came to a stop facing north on Jefferson, said. “But my mama is in the passenger seat, and I’m pretty sure her leg was broken.”

The driver of a late-model SUV, who had no passengers in her vehicle, was trapped inside the vehicle until a group of citizens helped get her out. Her vehicle rolled over twice before flipping end-to-end and coming to rest on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Both driver-side doors were locked, and the driver was unable to unlock them, so one of the people who immediately responded to the scene broke the windshield with a hammer, and others created an opening large enough for the driver to walk away from the wreck under her own power.

A short while after the group of citizens who responded to the accident attended as best they could to the victims, Dougherty County EMS, Albany Fire Department and Albany Police Department personnel arrived on the scene and began the process of, primarily, removing the injured passenger from the pickup truck and checking on the condition of the persons involved in the accident.

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