Fletcher, your Wednesday editorial was dead on. If you are white, and you disagree with a black person, they call you a racist. If I vote Republican, all the Democrats think I love Trump, which I don’t. If I vote against Warnock and Stacey Abrams, I am racist. Not hardly. I just do not agree with anything they have to say.

I disagree with the liberal spending of the current party in power, especially the welfare; that makes me a racist? Blacks today have been taught since birth that if a white person disagrees with them, the white person is racist. All that has led to is a tremendous hate on both sides. So sad, but so true. The outcome in not going to be good.

Thank you, thank you, AH for Morgan Burnette’s article on zookeeping. I too love all animals, from moths and lizards to elephants.

Biden-Harris grade for first 6 months: “F.”

Why are many Republicans and people on Fox suddenly encouraging people to get vaccinated? Probably because they fear the virus is killing off too many of their voters. That Masked Man

Squawker who called the vaccinated “bozos”: “You do not know what you are talking about,” as Dr. Fauci said to Sen. Paul. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t get COVID. The vaccine lessens its severity, the need for hospitalization, and chance of death. Stop spreading disinformation.

Fletcher, I know you probably don’t like it when people say “I usually don’t like your editorials, but ...” so I won’t go that far. But I will say your article Wednesday was spot-on. I’ve been in such circumstances, and I’ll admit I felt like I needed to defend myself. From now on, I’ll walk away. Thanks.

With all of these variants of COVID-19 coming out, why are the county and city relaxing wearing masks? Why do we have over 60,000 people at the NBA games without masks? Are we really seeing new variants, or is this another scare tactic to instill fear into the people? Somewhere the message will change again, just watch and see.

To the squawker who didn’t get his Sunday paper until Monday. He was lucky. We didn’t get ours until Tuesday. The news was really old by then.

Boy, is there any fringe-group conspiracy theory that James King won’t buy into? He no doubt has a big poster of Marjory Taylor Greene in a prominent place in his house. Birds of a feather, hmm?

Be aware that many restaurants do not have sufficient employees to serve the public in the restaurant.

The great chicken sandwich wars are over in my house, too. There was no winner, just a surrender on my part. I will no longer wait in one of those ridiculously long lines again either at restaurants that don’t open dine-in.

Squawker, you can stick yourself 50 times with vaccines, it’s your body and choice and I’m not trying to convince you. I’m talking to people that want the facts, not those easily brainwashed. According to the CDC, more people died after receiving the COVID vaccines last week than from the virus itself. But keep getting those boosters all you want.

Phoebe gets $2 million free from the federal government and gives $30,000 to Albany Tech? Not a bad ROI.

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I've been telling my husband for over a year, just make a sandwich before you go to work. Getting in that drive thru lane waiting for a chicken sandwich or burger. Some folks are spending over 120 dollars a month for lunch just for themselves! Give your colon a break! Pb&j and a crispy apple oh yes that would be too simple.


Three months and still no air-conditioning in the Meredith postoffice! Two so called mechanics have worked on it and still no air-conditioning. If the temperature outside is 90 degrees it is 90 inside as well

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