Precious Lunsford

Precious Lunsford

ALBANY — The Albany Police Department responded to two aggravated assault incidents on Sunday, one with a knife and the other with a firearm.

The incident with the firearm occurred early on Sunday morning, just after 3 a.m. Officer William Clark responded the 900 block of Rosedale Avenue after he heard approximately eight to 10 gunshots in the area.

Clark initially checked the area with no results but then received a call from dispatch in which a woman who lived on the 700 block of North Harding Street said her home had been shot at.

Clark checked the woman’s home and saw where a single bullet had struck the home at a high angle. She told Clark that she had heard glass break nearby but wasn’t sure where.

Clark said in his report he checked nearby houses and found people near the 900 block of Rosedale Avenue discussing a shooting before getting in their vehicle and leaving.

Clark followed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop and found that a passenger in the vehicle, Byron Ford, had been shot and was being transported to the hospital. Clark observed a gunshot wound on Ford’s ankle, and he was transported to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Clark said he returned to the area on Rosedale Avenue and saw that a 1997 Honda Accord had been shot as well and had multiple shattered windows.

Later on Sunday, just after noon, police responded to a stabbing incident on the 2700 block of West Oakridge Drive. Responding officer Trafton Owens made contact with the victim, Stacey Ware, who told him and she and her girlfriend, Precious Lunsford, had gotten into an argument.

Ware began to pack some of her clothes to leave when she said Lunsford grabbed a bottle of bleach and attempted to pour it on Ware’s clothing.

Ware said Lunsford grabbed a knife from the kitchen and charged at her.

Owens observed several scratches on Ware’s arm and a 3- to 4-inch-long cut on her shoulder. Ware refused to be checked out by EMS and said she did not want to press charges against Lunsford.

Both cases are active and have been forwarded to Investigations.

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