ALBANY — Albany State University and Darton State College are offering a unique opportunity for students to obtain an associate degree while working on a bachelor degree.

Through the reverse transfer program, students earning credits for course work at Albany State University may qualify to earn an associate degree if they previously attended Darton State College but did not complete associate degree requirements.

“We are targeting students who are on track to receive an associate degree from Darton, but did not graduate. With students’ consent, we will send their transcripts to Darton to see if they have earned enough credits to secure an associate degree,” said ASU Reverse Transfer Coordinator Natalie R. Knox.

The partnership benefits students at both University System of Georgia institutions. Not only does it aid in student retention, but it also helps to increase enrollment for both ASU and DSC.

“It increases students’ earning potential as well,” Knox said. “Most employees like to see that the people they’ve employed have earned a degree of some sort. We want students to feel a sense of accomplishment to motivate them to obtain a four-year degree. It’s a win, win for both institutions.”

No additional fees are required to participate in the program. The only stipulation is that Darton is the last school of attendance for students before admission at ASU. A consent form must be submitted to the registrar’s office at ASU before a student’s transcripts are transferred to DSC for review. Darton representatives will contact applicants about their eligibility to receive the associate degree.

The reverse transfer program is a part of the “Complete College Georgia” initiative launched by the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia to increase the number of adults with certificates and degrees throughout the state.

For more information, contact the ASU Office of University Communications at 229-430-4671.

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