Joyce Barlow

ATLANTA — The Georgia WIN list political action committee has named Joyce Barlow of Albany to its “Terrific Twelve” list of candidates the group plans to support during the next election cycle. Barlow unsuccessfully challenged Gerald Greene for his House District 151 seat during the last election cycle.

The owner of Englewood Health Care in Albany, Barlow has committed to challenging for the HD 151 seat again in 2020.

“I took one or two days off and then got right back to campaigning every day,” Barlow said of her actions after the loss to Greene in her first statewide campaign. “I know this district is one of the state’s most ‘flippable,’ and I aim to turn it blue in 2020 by knocking on all the doors.”

HD 151 is the only majority minority district in the state represented by a Republican.

Trained as a Registered Nurse, Barlow’s health care facility provides in-home health care to citizens in more than 70 percent of HD 151 counties. She has also served on a local bank board and is a former vice chair of the Albany Chamber of Commerce.

Barlow has been to the state Capitol to speak before legislative committees about the lack of affordable health care in rural Georgia and to bring attention to the closing of rural hospitals in the district. She was instrumental in the work of state-level committees that established new rules and regulations for personal care homes, assisted living facilities, proxy caregivers, and Georgia’s Alzheimer’s initiative. She has also participated in state-level initiatives on funding and often serves as a spokesperson for the needs of southwest Georgia.

Barlow is a former president of the local Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and former president of the Albany Chapter of the Links, in addition to many health care group offices and affiliations.

The businesswoman’s political platform includes:

♦ Expand Medicaid which would offer coverage to thousands of Georgians and fund more preventive care;

♦ Stop the closure of rural hospitals and provide solutions for health care delivery in rural areas, including clinics in each rural community and streamlined services for those with chronic conditions;

♦ Improve public education at the earliest ages by providing affordable child care and essential quality pre-K;

♦ Promote economic development by working to retain the businesses and work to attract more and diverse small businesses to the area;

♦ Address the growing violence by working to support programs that identify the need for early intervention and teaching for troubled youths.

The WIN List’s Terrific Twelve includes:

♦ SD 17, Kelly Rose

♦ SD 41, Kim Jackson

♦ SD 56, Sarah Beeson

♦ HD 37, Mary Frances Williams

♦ HD 43, Luisa Wakeman

♦ HD 48, Mary Robichaux

♦ HD 50, Angelika Kausche

♦ HD 52, Shea Roberts

♦ HD 108, Jasmine Clarke

♦ HD 109, Regina Lewis-Ward

♦ HD 151, Barlow

♦ HD 179, Julie Jordan

Georgia WIN List is a grassroots Political Action Committee dedicated to changing the face of power in Georgia by recruiting, training, supporting, electing and re-electing Democratic women for statewide and legislative office who will be effective advocates for the issues most important to women and families, including the preservation of reproductive freedom. Since 2000, the group has helped elect and re-elect more than 70 endorsed women, with 44 of them currently serving – 12 in the Senate and 32 in the House.

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