Americus police

Mark Scott

AMERICUS — Americus police officials said Thursday they are awaiting blood test results before determining what action, if any, to take against a woman who posted a live Facebook stream in which she boasted she had given the HIV virus to a number of sexual partners she called by name.

Americus Police Department Chief Mark Scott said the woman, Brandi Lasiter, had “voluntarily” taken a blood test before “coming to see us” about the Facebook post, which went viral before being taken off the social media site. It has since been reposted and is generally available for viewing.

“(Laster) is now saying she is not HIV positive,” Scott said. “She said she made the video out of anger at the people she named. She provided documentation of a blood test from September 2018 that showed she was not HIV positive at that time. She voluntarily took another blood test on Monday before coming in to see us.

“It takes from five to seven days for test results to be returned, so we are waiting to see what the test says. We have not charged (Lasiter) with any crime at this time. If the results of the test are negative, we will possibly charge her with misdemeanor harassment charges. If she is HIV positive, she faces a felony count for each person she had contact with and did not tell her medical situation.”

Georgia Code 16-5-60 says it is a crime to knowingly attempt to transmit the HIV virus.

In the Facebook post, Lasiter claims to have had unprotected sex with a number of men she called by name. She also called out women whose husbands she said she’d had sex with.

Detectives with the Americus Police Department interviewed Lasiter on Tuesday, a day after she told police she’d had blood drawn for an HIV test.

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