Dougherty County Commission discussing how to move code enforcement operations forward

Robert Carter

ALBANY — The sudden death of Albany’s chief code enforcement officer left those who worked with him over the course of his nearly 34 years with the city shocked and saddened.

Robert Carter died of an apparent heart attack, Albany City Commissioner B.J. Fletcher, who was notified of his passing on Friday morning, said.

Carter, who began working with the Code Enforcement Department in January 1987, was a deputy with the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office for three years before going to work with the city.

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Carter was a dedicated employee who was willing to work beyond the normal work hours, Fletcher said. On one recent occasion, she recalled, she called him after receiving information of an illegal installation of a gas unit at a residence going on in the evening in a ward other than hers.

Carter responded to the location, she said, and had the contractor halt the work until the proper authorization was obtained.

“It was after hours, 7 o’clock,” Fletcher said. “Sure enough, they had not pulled a permit. There were several times I called him, (and he) didn’t look at the clock.”

She and Carter also had been speaking frequently about an issue that affects her Ward III.

“I was working real closely with Robert on a case involving a local car wash we have that sits close to a neighborhood,” she said. “He was a very nice guy.”

Judy Bowles, executive director of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful, said she and Carter worked together on a number of issues over many years, particularly illegal dumping sites.

“I talked to him about every week,” she said. “(His death is) a shock. He will be missed. He was an asset to the city, and he certainly will be missed.”

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