Dougherty County package alcohol sales can begin in January

Package stores outside the Albany city limits can start selling beer, wine and liquor on Sunday beginning next month.

ALBANY – Dougherty County Commission put voters’ will into policy on Monday, approving ordinances allowing Sunday package sales of alcohol and setting an earlier time to begin serving mixed drinks on Sunday.

Beginning in January, Sunday sales of beer, wine and distilled spirits will be legal in stores in unincorporated Dougherty County.

The city of Albany does not allow package sales on Sunday.

A vote on Sunday sales at package stores outside the Albany city limits passed on Nov. 5 with 60% of the vote, 7,449-4,883. Voters who live outside Albany approved moving up the start time for selling alcoholic beverages at restaurants from noon to 11 a.m.

County commissioners voted unanimously Monday to approve both measures.

In other business, commissioners:

♦ Approved two improvements at Radium Springs: Entrance columns at the former golf course at a cost of $23,360 and repairs at Spring Run bridge in the amount of $38,000;

♦ Renewed alcoholic beverage licenses for businesses in unincorporated Dougherty County;

♦ Approved a resolution in support of locally established building design standards for residential dwellings;

♦ Made appointments to various boards and authorities that represent the county;

♦ Declared a wrecked 2019 Ford Escape from the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office as surplus and authorized sale of the vehicle.

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