ALBANY — When Stacey Driggers saw a need for poll workers, she decided to volunteer and step up to the plate to help ensure voting precincts had a sufficient number of staff on hand.

Dougherty County closed six of its polling locations for June primaries because a number of people who had worked in previous elections declined due to the impact of COVID-19 in the community.

After hearing about the issue, Driggers said she decided it was her duty to help fill the gap.

“It’s such an important election, and I heard there may be a shortage of poll workers,” said Driggers, who was disinfecting touchscreens at the Shiloh Baptist Church precinct on Tuesday morning. “I felt like it was something I could do.”

Driggers applied and went through training to work in the Tuesday election.

“We’ve also been cleaning the styluses between (voters),” she said. “You’ve got social distancing. People have been great about it.”

The line was moving smoothly at the precinct.

“At first, there was a line (outside),” Driggers said. “It’s been good to see the number of people voting.”

The work was rewarding for Driggers, who had not considered working at a polling place prior to this year.

“It’s been a good experience,” she said. “It’s a way to keep busy. I’m proud of the number of voters it looks like we’re going to have here in Georgia.”

Taking part in a future election is something Driggers said she “absolutely” would do.

“I used a vacation day,” she said. “I’ll definitely count on it from now on.”

Church member Otis Coles Jr., who stopped by to check on the precinct, also said he was glad to see a good number of voters participating on Election Day.

Coles, who cast his ballot during the early voting period, said he thinks voting is an important right and one he exercises regularly.

“It’s been said your vote is your voice,” he said. “If you don’t exercise it, you’re giving it up.”

As a military veteran, Coles said he is particularly aware that voting is a part of good citizenship.

“I’m under the opinion (that) if I don’t vote, I’m not fulfilling my obligation,” he said.

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