ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Transportation recently awarded 13 construction contracts for statewide transportation projects totaling $37,981,813.

The projects included in the award were advertised on June 21, bids were received on July 19 and contracts were awarded to the lowest qualified bidders on Aug. 2.

The largest single investment contract, worth $6.3 million, was awarded to Robinson Paving Company. The company was hired to resurface 12.92 miles of concrete on U.S. 19/State Route 3 in Taylor and Upson counties.

This resurfacing project extends from the Flint River Bridge to north of Cook Road. The project will also rehabilitate the shoulder of U.S. 19/State Route 3. This contract, along with seven other resurfacing contracts, represents 58% or $21.9 million of the awarded funds.

The second largest single investment contract, $5.3 million, was awarded to E.R. Snell Contractor Inc. The company was hired to construct a little more than half-a-mile of bridge on State Route 11 over the Apalachee River in Barrow and Walton counties.

This contract, along with one other bridge construction contract, represents 28 percent or $10.5 million of the awarded funds.

The remaining 14 percent or $5.4 million is allotted for additional safety and bridge rehabilitation projects at various locations across the state. The July awards bring the total construction contracts for Fiscal Year 2020 to $37 million.

The fiscal year began on July 1.

Information on schedules, lane closures and detours will be available in advance of construction activities taking place. Revisions have been made to the June letting; the previously deferred contract has been awarded.

Georgia Department of Transportation plans, constructs and maintains Georgia’s state and federal highways.

This includes bridge, waterway, public transit, rail, general aviation, bike and pedestrian programs while helping local governments maintain their roads.

For more information on GDOT projects, visit

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