Good Samaritans donate car to metro-Atlanta man without transportation to dialysis

Good Samaritans donate car to Devonte McCoy who lost his only means of transportation to dialysis when his car caught fire.

Ellenwood, GA (WGCL) -- We got results for a metro-Atlanta 26-year-old with kidney failure.

We first introduced you to Devonte McCoy when he lost his only means of transportation to dialysis when his car caught fire.

After CBS46 aired his story, a couple of Good Samaritans stepped up to help.

“I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life,” said Devonte McCoy.

A local couple reached out to CBS46’s Melissa Stern after seeing Devonte McCoy’s story.

“I thank you guys for getting my story out,” McCoy said.

They had an older, yet fully functional, car they were willing to donate.

“The couple, lovely couple, wonderful people, mentioned to me, they saw my story, and felt compelled to do something about my situation,” added McCoy.

McCoy’s old car was destroyed due to an electrical fire – leaving him without transportation to his dialysis appointments he goes to three days a week.

“I needed assistance from the community, and for someone to reach out, and they did, they stepped up to the plate,” McCoy added.

His job in the film industry came to a halt due to the coronavirus…so he wouldn’t have been able to replace the car himself.

He started a fundraiser to raise money to buy a car – never expecting what actually happened:

“Not knowing that I was not only going to get donations…but I got a car,” said McCoy, “I got a car that runs…I just feel so overwhelmed!”

So, Sunday afternoon, the anonymous couple met him at his grandparents’ house and handed over the keys…now McCoy no longer has to worry about how he’ll get to his next appointment.

“My mom is not here for me anymore, I’m an only child, my grandparents raised me, and for me to have gone through something like this, I know she’s looking down and smiling gratefully at me,” said McCoy

Not only does his positive attitude keep him going, so will his new set of wheels.

“I just want this to be able to help anybody who is out there, who’s going through something right now in these times, to just keep the faith and keep moving forward,” McCoy said.

McCoy’s fundraiser continues…the money will go toward medical bills.

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