LEESBURG — Lee County residents can rejoice in the proposed Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget for the county.

The Lee County Board of Commissioner announced at its meeting on Tuesday night that there will be no tax increase in the coming fiscal year.

Commissioner Rick Muggridge said that while the proposed budget includes no major changes, the board does consider it a slight improvement.

“We’re able to slightly improve services,” Muggridge said. “By that I mean we’re going to be able to add a few positions at the sheriff’s office. We’re really thrilled about that.”

The proposed budget will also include a cost-of-living increase for county employees mid-year.

“No wholesale changes, but some slight improvements,” Muggridge said. “We’re able to fund a few things that people have needed.”

Muggridge explained that the budget does provide for significantly more money for cybersecurity than in previous years, but stressed the importance of that expenditure.

“What happened in Atlanta, what happened in Baltimore, that can happen in our town, too,” the commissioner said, referring to cyber attacks on those city governments recently. “We think from where we were a year ago, we’re just so far ahead of where we used to be. That’s cost money, but we’ve had it in the budget. We haven’t dipped into our reserves. We continue to build onto our reserves, and hopefully this year will be another year like that.”

A copy of the proposed budget can be found at the Leesburg and Oakland libraries, as well as at the government building and online. The adoption of the budget is scheduled for June 25.

“All in all (we have) some slight improvements to services and no tax increase,” Muggridge said. “That’s the great news.”

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