Sheriff’s office fights to keep Lee County safe

The Lee County Commission approved ratifying an agreement with Johnson Controls Tuesday for improvements on the closed-circuit TV system at the county jail.

LEESBURG – The Lee County Commission meeting recognized 25 employees who had completed between five and 25 years of service to the county at the board’s meeting Tuesday.

Bobby Watkins and Douglas Collins were recognized for their 25-year milestone. Susan Howell, Jim Wright, Christi Dockery, and Veronica Johnson were recognized for 20 years of service.

“We appreciate all of our employees,” Commission Chairman Billy Mathis said. “I think it says a lot about our county and our staff that we have so many employees with such long service to the county, and we appreciate every one of them.”

A hearing was held seeking public input for potential projects, programs and activities to be included in the 2021 Community Development Block Grant application. Commissioner Rick Muggridge requested that the commission consider working to include sewer hookups so they do not continue to be at risk for septic tank leakage during floods. A motion to approve the process to begin seeking potential projects carried.

The commission awarded a bid of $32,150 for extrication and wildfire coats for fire crews. The commission approved ratifying an agreement with Johnson Controls for improvements on the closed-circuit TV system at the jail. Considerations to surplus vehicles and to contract for EMS billing services also carried.

During discussion to approve a contract with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources on a lease agreement for a boat ramp on the county’s “100 acre” property, Mathis complimented the staff on their ability to work so well with DNR in getting these boat ramp projects implemented.

Commissioner Luke Singletary stated that he had been talking to County Marshal Jim Wright on another matter and Wright told him, “Rivers Alive reported that they were picking up less trash on the creeks, even though usage was increasing.” This is a great indicator, Singletary said, of the respect users are having for this resource. The resolution passed.

Consideration was given to adopt resolutions allowing staff to commence the necessary proceedings to abandon portions of Gray Moss Road (east of New York Road), Jones Lane, Muckalee Creek Road (Orse Lane to the dead end), and Wingate Lane. Mathis said that each of these actions was recommended by the representative commissioner and private landowners. The consideration to proceed on all four projects carried.

Consideration was given to approve a memorandum of understanding among SR Desoto LLC, the Lee County Development Authority, the Lee County Board of Tax Assessors, the Lee County Tax Commissioner, and the Lee County Board of Education for a solar energy project. County Attorney Jimmy Skipper highlighted significant details related to the proposed $225 million project. The project will be constructed on a 3,000-acre site owned by Green Power. When electrical generation begins, the tax rate will change from agricultural to commercial, and the power generated will in turn be sold to regional EMCs.

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