Albany High School alumni group gives $10,000 to the school

An Albany High School alumni group presents a $10,000 check to AHS Principal Rodney Bullard Monday night during the Dougherty County School Board meeting. (Staff Photo: Terry Lewis)

ALBANY — It appears that the alumni of Dougherty County’s high schools are beginning to dig into their pockets to support their alma maters, and that is making some school principals happy.

Albany High School Principal Rodney Bullard certainly realized it when representatives of the Albany High Alumni group presented him with a check for $10,000 during the Dougherty County School Board meeting Monday evening.

“This is the greatest gift we have ever gotten from our alumni,” Bullard said. “This is just an overwhelming show of support for our school, our staff and our students.”

“We’ll put it to good use supporting our school and student achievement.”

Edward Mims, one of the group’s organizers, said it took three months to raise $16,000, some of which was used for t-shirts and other marketing materials.

“This was, basically, an idea that came from the entire alumni group,” Mims said. “The committee wanted to do something as a team.

“We’ve wanted for a long time to make a donation like this to Albany High.”

Fellow organizer Anita Allen agreed.

“This feels awesome doing this for our school,” Allen said. “We had a lot of support from Albany High people.

“We plan on doing it again next year and every year we can after that.”

DCSS alumni groups are becoming increasingly generous. Earlier this year, Monroe High School’s alumni weekend saw nearly 10,000 people flock to Albany and donate an estimated $14,000 to their alma mater, and thousands more to feeder schools and other programs.

Westover High School’s alumni weekend is set for later this month.

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