ALBANY — Police are investigating three shooting deaths on East Alberson Drive that occurred on a particularly violent Tuesday night in which four shooting incidents occurred within roughly a two and a half hour period.

Early Wednesday, Albany Police Department spokeswoman Phyllis Banks released a statement saying that at 9:05 p.m. Tuesday, police were called to 2314 E. Alberson Drive, where they found three deceased individuals — one female and two males. Banks identified the three deceased persons as Adrionna Holmes, a 26-year-old female; Demarquis Williams, 25, and Tyquis Smith, 23. They were found dead inside the residence.

The deaths bring to 11 the number of homicides in the city this year.

The northwest Albany duplex was surrounded by police tape Wednesday and there was a strong police presence at the residence as the investigation continued, but few details were released.

Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler was able to confirm some basic information Wednesday afternoon.

“All three individuals were shot, but we will know more after we are able to do an autopsy, which will probably be Friday,” Fowler said. “They were all pronounced deceased at 10:22 p.m.”

According to police reports, officers also found two children in the residence, neither of whom had been harmed.

“Two juveniles were also found inside, unharmed,” Banks said in the report. “A 1-year old boy and a 4-year old girl. A death investigation is being conducted to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

Bud Greco, who lives less than a block away, said that he was concerned about such extreme violence occurring so close to his home.

“I am shocked, but I am also mad that such a thing could happen in our neighborhood,” Greco said. “I want to know what our city leaders are going to do to stop this escalating violence.”

Another neighbor, who asked to not be identified, said she didn’t hear or see anything, but wanted to know if a murderer was on the loose.

Police on Wednesday labeled the incident as a “death investigation” and released no information regarding possible motives or suspects.

Officials with the GBI office in Sylvester said Wednesday that the Albany Police Department had not reached out to them for help with the investigation and the bureau was not involved.

According to Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards, the investigation is a murder investigation, not a murder/suicide investigation.

“My understanding, this is an ongoing murder investigation, it was not a murder/suicide, and we will be doing everything we can to identify the suspect or suspects responsible and bring them in,” Edwards said. “There were no weapons found at the scene when I was there. I left around 1 a.m., but police were doing a further sweep of the residence in attempt to locate any other evidence.”

Fowler also said he saw nothing to indicate any of the deaths were self-inflicted.

“There were no weapons found at the scene that I know of,” Fowler said. “There is no evidence that I saw to support a murder/suicide scenario.”

Edwards confirmed the two juveniles found at the residence were the children of Holmes.

“I do not know the children’s names, but I do know that their mother was one of the deceased, Adrionna Holmes,” Edwards said. “I am sure more details will reveal themselves as the investigation progresses. We want people to be diligent and safe. Anytime that you have someone who is willing to take human life, there is cause for concern.”

Banks confirmed Wednesday afternoon that, so far, Albany has had 11 homicides in the first half of 2017.

“There have been 11 homicides so far this year,” Banks said. “Eight have been solved. The three from Tuesday night remain active.”

Albany had eight homicides in 2015 and 15 in 2016.

The other three shootings Tuesday night were in south and east Albany. Three people were injured but no one was killed.

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